Different Diet Pills For Quick Weight Loss

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Different Diet Pills For Quick Weight Loss


I bet you have seen more than a dozen of encouraging advertisements that promotes how to lose weight the fast way, showing men and women in perfectly shaped bodies who claimed to lose 30 pounds in 30 days by taking a small effective capsule. Seems very encouraging, right?

More often than not, the promise of diet pills’ ads for a quick weight loss seems to get a positive response from the public. Since overweight and obesity are beginning to be one of the rising health problems of the society, diet pills have caught the hope of the people for a chance of losing weight the easy way.

There are three types of pills for diet purposes-first, the “prescription drugs” or those that can only be bought when prescribed by a physician. These drugs are usually taken to treat patients who are overweight and obese with close monitoring of the prescribing doctor. Examples of these drugs are Meridia and Xenical, which assists in fat breakdown and blocks fat absorption. These are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The second type is the “over-the-counter” pills or OTC. These are widely available right in any local drugstore or supermarket even without a doctor’s prescription. Although these drugs are basically considered to be dietary supplements and also regulated by the FDA, it still can pose side effects for the one taking it because of non-supervision of a doctor. Examples of these are fiber supplements Glucomannan and Guar Gum which are used to inhibit digestion and lower caloric absorption.

And the third type of weight loss drugs are the “herbal supplements”. These are also available without a doctor’s prescription and can easily be found in supermarkets and health stores. Since herbal, these supplement pills are labeled with “all natural ingredients” and believed not to have negative side effects for a healthy weight loss. Like the two types above, these pills are also regulated by the FDA.

Now the question is-how do these diet pills work? Whether it is prescribed, over-the-counter, or herbal supplement, diet pills basically operate through: One, suppression of the appetite; two, increase the body’s metabolism; and three, prevent the body to absorb fats. By this three-way process, the body would naturally interfere to achieve a satisfying quick weight loss.

As much as these drugs are very appealing to everyone who is dreaming to have bodies like those in the commercial, it is still always advisable to consult a doctor before taking any diet medication to prevent side effects or any unwanted health complications.

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