Health Benefits of Pawpaw

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Health Benefits of Pawpaw


The pawpaw plant is a native of South America, where it was cultivated since Pre-Columbian times. There are 22 plants and trees in the pawpaw genus; the famous of which is carica papaya. Pawpaw is one of God’s wonderful gifts to humanity. It is a pharmacy in its own right. We all eat it and enjoy its sweet and pleasant taste but how many of us know the medicinal value of this plant?

Pawpaw improves the digestion of protein and expels worms. The ripe fruits are rich in vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin A is good for eyesight, Vitamin B for the nerves and muscles while Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps fight against illnesses. For worms, chew 2 tablespoons of the seeds of ripe pawpaw fruit first thing on rising and last thing at night. Do this for 3 days. Take only fruits for breakfast and supper for those three days.

For chronic external ulcers or sores, cut a piece of unripe pawpaw fruit and tie directly to the wound. Do this four times daily. Continue till the wound has dried, which will be in few days or weeks. To make the wound heal faster, eat plenty of ripe pawpaw.

Other benefits of pawpaw:

1. Malaria fever- Squeeze some yellow pawpaw leafs in water. Take a glassful three times daily for seven days. This preparation is also good for jaundice. The dosage is the same.

2. Diabetes- The green leafs of pawpaw are good foe diabetes-induced hypertension. Squeeze the green leaves in water and take a glass thrice daily. This preparation is also good for constipation.

3. Stomach Ulcer- Cut a big unripe pawpaw fruit into pieces. Do not remove the peel or seeds. Simply cut the whole fruits into cubes. Then soak in five bottles of water for four days. Sieve and take ½ a glass thrice daily for 2 weeks. This is a very good remedy for any type of intestinal ulcer.

4. External Ulcer- The white milky sap of the unripe pawpaw contains a high percentage of papain, which is used for chronic wounds or ulcers. This can be obtained by making a slight cut of the unripe pawpaw fruit to allow the juice drop. Papain is also present in the ripe pawpaw fruit.

5. Asthma- Burn dried pawpaw leaves and inhale the smoke during an attack of asthma. This will bring quick relief. Therefore, to prevent an attack, inhale the smoke every night.

6. Bronchitis- The root of the pawpaw plant is a good remedy for respiratory problems especially bronchitis. Bring some pawpaw roots to boil and take ½ a glass thrice daily. For cough, simply chew a tender pawpaw root and swallow the juice.

7. Piles- Pawpaw root is effective for the cure of piles. Prepare as for bronchitis. The dosage is half a glass twice daily.

8. Impotence- Cut two unripe pawpaw fruits into pieces (seeds and peel inclusive). Bring to boil

in eight bottles of water. Take half glass thrice daily.

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