Male Penis Enlargement – Which Is Better, Penis Enlargement Pills Or Exercises?

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Male Penis Enlargement – Which Is Better, Penis Enlargement Pills Or Exercises?


Many years, men have been bothering with one question, what is the best method to enlarge their penis? Penis enlargement pills or exercise?

For many centuries, bigger penis is what men always desire. The fact is not all men are given a big and thick penis. Man who has a big penis usually will be the dominance in the men group. For those who do not have a big penis, they are always treated as a not matured boy. They will always being consider as not perfect although this is not their faults. People will tend to tease, bully and make fun of their limitation.

Nowadays, most of the men have average or small penises. However, this does not mean that they are not matured. This happened due to the genetic. Thus there is no reason why should they feel sorry about it. Consequently, exercise, devices, herbal medicines are invented with a hope that this problem can be solved.

Throughout the centuries, penis enlargement exercise is the famous method for those men who have small penis. You might wonder, what is the most common exercise? The answer is jelqing! This technique is original invented from Arabia; it is usually practiced by men who are going to get married in order to satisfy their love ones. Normally, we call this exercise as milking or power jelqing.

Jelqing is mean to enhance the penis length and girth. Jelqing exercise needs to spend up to 45 minutes to finish one session, what you need to do is just massage the penis (at least 45 minutes are required). Men are practicing this exercise to wish that they can get the ideal size they want.

Yes, jelqing is a natural way in penis enlargement exercise. However, you must be aware that it harms your penis especially when you pressure your penis over a limit. Do not over practice jelqing; it can damage your penis. Temporary erection damage, this the common problem you will face when you over practice the exercise. This will makes you stop touching on sex for a while. The color of penis will change once you exercise too much on this. When this symptom happened, it is a time for you to seek for a doctor’s advice.

Besides exercise, scientists, doctors, and nutritional experts work out together to invent pills in order to enlarge men’s penises effectively. Not just chemical substances, eastern ingredients are being used to make natural pills as well. Plants extracts and herbal medicine are used to make the natural pills which guarantee no side effect to human body. The pills can be easily absorbed due to its edible components.

Usually, the pills which made form chemical ingredients and manufacture from the laboratories will contain the components that will bring side effect to human’s body. Thus, make sure that the pills is made from natural substances when you are about to pick up the right pills for penis enlargement.

With no doubt, penis enlargement pills and exercise will help to enlarge your penis. If you take pills and do jelqing exercise at the same time, the result will be achieved faster. The secret of the penis enlargement method is balancing. Do not over practice the exercise; it may harm your penis. So do the pills, do not take more than the instructions advice. You can get the length and girth that you dream in a short time when you do things right and following everything.

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