How I Used Essential Oils to Treat My Stitches

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How I Used Essential Oils to Treat My Stitches


In April 2012, I experienced a massive heart attack. My wife called 911 and I was immediately taken to the hospital where I was admitted in emergency. The doctors inserted a stint into my artery that was 100% blocked. My other 2 major arteries were 80% blocked and another minor artery was also blocked.

I was surprised as well as many others of my heart failure. This is attributable to the fact that I hardly get sick and when I do, I would just go to a corner drugstore and purchase over-the-counter drugs. Furthermore, my blood pressure is slightly below the average, and I try not to eat fatty food.

In appearance I may have looked “healthy.” But the reality was that, I was not healthy due to my high cholesterol count and my lack of exercise. Blockage of the arteries does not happen overnight. It takes years for the plaque to build up. Because of my lack of exercise, and poor eating habits, I was a heart attack candidate ready to happen at any time.

After a successful open heart surgery that resulted in a quadruple bypass, I was given prescription drugs to take for the rest of my life. There are potential side effects, but the other alternative, is that if I don’t take my medications, I run the risk of another heart attack, which I may not recover from. With this in mind, I began to develop an interest in natural means for better health. Soon thereafter, I was introduced to essential oils. At first I was a little skeptical of the claims that were being made on essential oils. But knowing that they are natural products with no additives, I decided to use essential oils for healing my chest and general health.

At present I am taking a dietary supplement that contains essential oils in hope that they will replace my prescription drugs. Only time will tell if I accomplish this objective.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I was given a bottle of Frankincense and Helichrysum essential oils. Day and night for one month, I applied the oils on my stitches on my chest where the doctors had cut open my chest. I also started to take dietary supplements to improve my health. After the stitches dissolved, my chest continued to heal.

A friend of mine also underwent an open heart surgery 4 months earlier. I met up with him in June 2012, and we compared our chests where the stitches were. His scar was 3 times as noticeable then mine.

I can only attribute the Frankincense and Helichrysum essential oils, for healing my chest better than I had expected.

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