Importance of Hoodia

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Importance of Hoodia


Hoodia known for flowering plant family. Hoodia carries stem succulents also called as cactiform as they are matching with cactus family. Hoodia is having height of one meter with large flowers along with having tan color with strong smell. Lots of species of hoodia are grown as garden plants and one of them is hoodia gordonii, used as appetite suppressant in the body. Across the globe consumers of hoodia are having increase usage of it due to weight loss ability.

Last year in 2008 the botanic gardens conservation international claims that more than 400 medicinal plants are at extinct becoming dangerous in the treatment of fatal diseases due to their abscence in future. All the plants of hoodia act as medicines for health related symptoms such as hoodia. The consumption of hoodia is prohibited in the society most probably. Consumers can intake hoodia after consulting with an expert as user might be suffering from diabetes, heart problems, consuming heart medicines, bleeding, blood clotting disorder, anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

Consumers must take guidance from the practitioner before opting for its usage on their body. Still hoodia has not got the approval from FDA to declare it as a product of safety, effectiveness, and purity. Still consumer is unaware of the risks and advantages associated with hoodia in life. In the market also consumers of hoodia will not show any regulated standard for the production of hoodia compunds in the market. Consumers should purchase herbal and health supplements after getting the approval of doctors from the reliable sources so as to avoid the risk of contamination.

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