Why Whole Food Vitamins Are Better Than Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins

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Why Whole Food Vitamins Are Better Than Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins


Most of us don’t stop to think what we are putting into our bodies. And it’s not always that we simply don’t care. Many of us are making an effort to stay healthy by working out, eating foods that are good for us and taking vitamins.

But, what if there is something hiding in those vitamins we’re taking. What if there is something in those vitamins that could harm us.

Unfortunately not all vitamins are alike. Some vitamins are unnatural. These vitamins come from man and are synthetic in many ways. Sure, you may get a few natural ingredients in those vitamins, but the rest could be pure baloney.

We have come a long way in the past decade and that includes what scientist can do to our lives. If we look around us, we can probably find many items in our home that are man-made. Yet the worst part is, man has the ability to make these items then, put them in our food and even our vitamins.

So why are they doing this? Because it’s less expensive to make synthetic vitamins and we’re rewarded with those cheaper costs while they benefit from our bargain hunting. But, cheaper is not always better.

Those man-made vitamins that we could very well be taking, are chocked full of chemicals, sugars, and artificial flavors and colors. Plus, we would have to take more than double the amount recommended in order to get any real nutrients from those vitamins which also means we’re putting more chemicals in our bodies. We wouldn’t swallow plastic or deliberately breathe in harmful chemicals, so why would we want to take vitamins that are unnatural?

Whole food vitamins are all natural. They do not contain chemicals, sugars or artificial things. They do however; contain the goodness of whole plants and fruits that are body needs. Things like, aloe vera, blueberries, cranberries, kale and seaweed.

Whole food vitamins are complete. They contain everything we need in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy. They have the whole complex, unlike the unnatural vitamins. Plus we won’t be putting chemicals or any other harmful additives into our bodies.

Yet some could argue because vitamins that come directly from Mother Nature can be higher in cost. This is true, but which would you prefer, whole food vitamins or a vitamin that is full on unnatural additives?

We work hard at getting our bodies into shape, at staying strong and healthy, so maybe it’s time we took a closer look at the vitamins we are taking. Don’t you think so?

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