The Apple Patch Diet Home Based Business Opportunity Is Not A Scam! It’s Guaranteed To Make Money

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The Apple Patch Diet Home Based Business Opportunity Is Not A Scam! It’s Guaranteed To Make Money


Maybe you have heard of the Apple Patch Diet Affiliate Business Opportunity or perhaps you are simply looking for a legitimate home business where your income comes from the Internet.

Whichever the case, the Apple Patch Internet Home Business is definitely worth looking into. With all other Internet Business Scams out there, this Opportunity sets itself apart because it actually Guarantees that the Affiliate will make money.

Before you pick an Internet business, you need to do your research into the market that you are considering. In order to choose a profitable industry, you must find a product/service that will solve a problem. And that product should have tons of potential customers desperately trying to find a solution to that problem.

The Apple Patch Diet fits that bill. The diet industry is a whopping 7 billion dollar one and the Apple Patch is totally natural and delivers it’s appetite suppressant herbs transdermally, which has been proven to be more effective.

As an affiliate ( a person who markets someone Else’s product/service for a commission) you must have a website to be successful. Unfortunately, setting up a website is a complicated and daunting task. If you were to do this yourself, you would a.)have to know what you were doing and b.)spend a lot of time not only setting it up, but writing ad copy that sells.

Additionally, you would have to either purchase a domain name or pay for hosting if you did it yourself.

The Apple Patch Internet Business sets up a website for you. There is nothing more to buy, nor do you have to pay for hosting fees or anything else.

One of the biggest reasons people fail online is that they usually have to buy more products or services above and beyond their initial investment. In fact, often times after the sale products are so cost prohibitive that failure is almost guaranteed.

With Apple Patch, you pay a one time set up fee of $29.95. Then, you immediately get $25.00 cash deposited into your affiliate account. That’s only $4.95 to start.

Then, you follow a simple 6 Step Plan that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. This plan promotes your website for you. Hey, you shouldn’t have to pay for expensive advertising costs–another reason most Start-up Internet Businesses fail. So , they promote your website for you.

Every time someone orders the Apple Patch Diet from you website, you make $25.00 in commissions. It really couldn’t be simpler.

The Apple Patch Affiliate program is unique because of their Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t make $250 within the first 30 days as one of their affiliates, you will get your $29.95 back, no questions asked. That’s how confident they are with the opportunity. Plus, they have partnered up with the Largest Affiliate Network Company in the industry that has a Stellar Reputation for it’s NO hassle refunds.

There has been some talk on a few forums that the Apple Patch Diet is a Scam because of how you get paid. Apple Patch commissions are paid once a month on the first of the following month after the sales. So for example if you make sales in January, then your check is mailed out on February 1. There is a $100 threshold that must be reached before your first paycheck is sent out. This seems to be a bone of contention with some folks, so let’s just look at this objection logically.

First, every affiliate program has a payment threshold. For example, the very reputable company, Google, has a $100 threshold for their AdSense affiliates. The biggest reason that there are thresholds for paychecks is two fold. First, you have to cover refunds. If one of your customers requests a refund, that commission is backed out of your check. And second, you need to build up a reputation with the company who you are marketing for. In the case of the Apple Patch, if you decide that their opportunity is not right for you, you get your only investment of $29.95 back. And because most affiliates that follow the 6 Step Plan succeed, they are more than happy to give you the $25.00 cash because you showed your commitment to the company.

Unfortunately, there are affiliates who sign up for programs and never complete the steps that it takes to make money. Then they wonder why they failed. If there wasn’t a payment threshold to prevent people from just signing up for the $25.00 cash, the company couldn’t offer the high commissions, refund policy and bonuses to the affiliates that actually do the work.

So all in all, if you are looking for an Honest Work From home Internet Business that has an Income Guarantee, you should check out the Apple Patch Home Based Internet Business Opportunity.

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