Setting A Trap For A Lady Drugs Trader

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Setting A Trap For A Lady Drugs Trader


In May 1997, at Warwick University, Kwame Mainu was preparing to return to Ghana but he agreed one last time to help stop drugs reaching the UK from Kumasi. Cecilia Obeng-Mensah, a suspected drugs dealer, was in Coventry selling made-in-Ghana ladies’ dresses. Kwame’s task was to persuade another academic, Dr Sonya Carpenter, to act as Cecilia’s advisor on marketing her dresses in Coventry.

Kwame met Sonya in her office. She thanked Kwame for helping two of her students with an assignment on labour productivity.

‘And now what can I do for you?’ she asked.

‘Our request arises from our recent mission in Kumasi.’

‘I’m intrigued, please go on.’

Kwame reminded Sonya how he had advised her to leave the coat hangers behind when she brought her new dresses home from Kumasi. ‘Oh yes, those lovely carved wooden hangers,’ she recalled, ‘I was so sorry to have to part with them.’

‘Well, as we explained at the time, they are made hollow and sometimes used to conceal drugs.’

‘I remember you telling me.’

‘Do you remember the lady who sold you the dresses at Sika Ye Na Enterprise?’

‘The woman Comfort calls Cessie?’

‘That’s right, have you seen her since?’

‘How could I, she’s in Kumasi, isn’t she?’

‘No she’s here in Coventry.’

Kwame explained that they knew Cecilia was in Coventry because she came in yesterday to see Professor Arthur. ‘She complained that she should have been given a computer,’ he said.

‘But she didn’t attend the course!’

‘No, we think that it was only an excuse to try to learn more about our partnership project with Kumasi University.’

‘Why should she want to do that?’

‘I’m afraid it’s all to do with drugs.’

Kwame explained that since they started the partnership project three years ago, a small group of people in Kumasi had been trying to persuade academics coming to Coventry to act as drugs couriers. ‘Most people approached by the traffickers had refused to cooperate,’ he said, ‘but two or three had gone astray before we were able to break up the group and stop the traffic.’

‘Who do you mean by we?’

‘I’m restricted in what I can divulge, but let’s say staff of our project and UK customs.’

‘You and Tam?’

‘And a few others.’

Kwame then asked Sonya to recall any conversation that she had with Cessie when buying the dresses. ‘Oh, I told her that her dresses were very beautiful,’ Sonya said.

‘Did you tell her you thought the dresses would sell well in England?’

‘Yes, I believe I did, and they would.’

‘Did you also mention being from the business school and being able to advise her on marketing in the UK.’

‘Now you remind me, yes I did, although it was Comfort who told Cessie about the business school.’

‘Well, we believe Cecilia will soon call on you to ask for your advice.’

‘And you want me to refuse to help?’

‘No, we want you to help in the way we direct.’

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