Infertility Help – 3 Dangers in Taking Fertility Drugs

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Infertility Help – 3 Dangers in Taking Fertility Drugs


You have been trying to conceive a baby and so far you have been unsuccessful and you want infertility help. Now you are considering as an option to take fertility drugs. While there have been many successes in women who have take fertility drugs and gotten pregnant, there have also been many horror stories as well.

Below are three common dangers of taking fertility drugs and an option that has been very successful in curing infertility without the use of harmful drugs.

Three Dangers of Infertility Drugs

1. Risk of Multiples – there is a risk of having more than one baby when taking fertility drugs. Imagine the mix of joy and anxiety if you find out you are having triplets versus the one bundle of joy you really want. This risk not only puts both mother and baby at higher risk during pregnancy, but could be a burden financially and otherwise after the babies are born.

2. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) – OHSS happens when the ovaries become filled with fluid and enlarged. In most cases this can be treated at home. However, in extreme cases OHSS can lead to blood clots and may even require surgery to drain the fluid.

3. Ectopic Pregnancy – This is a very serious condition that happens when the egg is not attached to the uterus but to some other part of the reproductive system. Most common is attachment to the fallopian tubes. This is a life threatening condition and must be treated immediately!

A better alternative:

There is a better alternative to getting infertility help. In fact, this alternative is not infertility help at all, but infertility cure. By dealing with what is going on internally, you can actually cure infertility. Yes, it is possible to cure infertility and to cure it without the use of harmful drugs or medical procedures. There is a totally natural way you or someone you love can conceive and conceive quickly, 100% naturally.

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