Importance of Hair Follicle Drug Testing For Athletes

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Importance of Hair Follicle Drug Testing For Athletes


One of the many sectors where drug testing is strictly performed is in the athletic circle. There is no difference between a fresher and an experienced player when it comes to testing in sports. This is considered important as it helps to identify if the players are abusing drugs. If they are into drug abuse, measures are taken to help them get rid of this habit for their own self and also for the team and opponents’ safety.

Testing of drugs in the field of athletics is always done based on certain principles, unlike other types of testing. When it comes to individual or even team-level performance, such abuse may prove to be very costly for a sportsperson. It is injustice to the other players if an athlete under the influence of drugs emerges as the winner. The abuse may lead to a player being disqualified from his/her field based on the severity of the case. A severe case of this abuse may put a stop to his/her career.

There are many reasons for performing drug testing in athletes.

1. It allows to discourage and to restrict the use of any type of drugs or illegal products.

2. This test also ensures that a game is played fairly, with no injustice to other players in both the teams. It is known that a player who is into such abuse tends to play fiercely than the other players.

3. This test also ensures that the players who are into this abuse do not encourage their teammates to follow their footsteps. The test also avoids chances of the players influencing their fans worldwide. Above all, this kind of testing helps in making sports industry cleaner and better.

4. This test also ensures that the players remain healthy as such abuse is harmful to health. This will in turn help them lead a healthy life that they are required to live.

Currently, hair follicle drug testing is considered a popular method of testing among athletes. This method is not invasive. It can also be performed on any form of body hair. Even a bald athlete can undergo this sort of method because of it. This method tracks the details of the abuse up to one year. In contrary, the urine test taken gives the report based on 72 hours. This test also identifies the history of abuse over a certain period and this one test is efficient to detect all the details.

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