Drug and Alcohol Relapse – Why Does it Happen and What Do You Do?

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Drug and Alcohol Relapse – Why Does it Happen and What Do You Do?


What Do You Do Now?

Solving drug addiction with traditional 12 step or drug substitutes may work for a few but when your loved one isn’t one of those why not do something different. There is still help available.

In the UK there is drug rehab offering a unique drug free program that not only cleanses the body of toxins but also eliminates physical and mental drug cravings in the process. What is drug rehab anyway? The definition of rehabilitation in Webster’s dictionary is as follows:


  • To Restore Or Bring To A Condition of Health or Useful and Constructive Activity
  • To Restore to a Former State or Capacity

If there was a drug or alcohol relapse then it is fair to say that there was no real rehabilitation.

Why The High Rate of Relapse- Is It Their Fault?

Time and again even when the addict tells you that they want to be clean, they continue to use drugs and drink excessively. Often as a friend or family member we fail to understand that really, the addiction is not something the addict has control over. When you try to reason with them, even if they agree with you, it ends up going nowhere. Does this sound familiar? Everyone just gets more upset and angry. We deal with it in our own way, the addict goes and uses drugs again to take away the pain, physical and emotional. It is a vicious cycle. The cravings kick in so quickly that they can’t wait to use again.

In dealing with the addict and getting them into rehab again, remember this:

Your loved one should not be the target of your pain, the enemy is drug use, drugs, alcohol, drug pushers, drug dealers. The addict understands this because they know better than you the destruction this has brought on them and their lives. Their guilt of hurting the people they love is overwhelming and the only solace is using more drugs. Drugs and alcohol have become the most important thing in their lives because they need it physically and mentally just to exist.

The drug addict knows that ultimately, the only options are jail, death or rehab.

Why send them somewhere where their chances of failing are high. You may only get one chance to help save your loved one. Do it right the first time.

Most of us understand cravings. The addicts cravings are crippling and completely take over their lives and yours. A drug and alcohol treatment that eliminates these physical and mental cravings offers the addict a fighting chance, and no more relapse. In spite of all the damage they do, anger and hostility, most are good people and actually are very fragile. They too want to believe someone out there can help them.

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