Reading Comprehension Worksheets – How Should It Be Patterned?

Reading Comprehension Worksheets – How Should It Be Patterned?


Reading comprehension worksheets should be patterned moderately. That is to say, it should not be so hard to understand neither should it be so easy to solve. Some publishers make their worksheets easy for students to pass so that the school admin will continue to order for their products. That is not a good educational practice.

From research, it has been noted that very easy worksheets encourages students to be less serious in their academics and it also makes the students to start losing focus.

Reading comprehension worksheets should be designed in a way that will make the students to do the following after reading the test.

  • The students should be able to get reference from the passage.
  • They should be tested in the worksheet for scope assimilation.
  • The worksheet should examine the students on the ability to recall details.
  • Meaning of word vocabulary should also be tested by the comprehension worksheet.


The worksheet should contain different stories, poems, articles and essays. The complexity of the stories should depend on the grade of the students. The pupils from grade 1 to 5 should be given folklores which depict some history of America as well as some religious myths coined into interesting stories. Such worksheets should test simple understanding of tense and words meaning from context. Story structure questionnaire should also be included in story comprehensions.

In addition, it should also have practice questions about the following:

  • Fact and Opinion
  • Main Idea
  • Context Clues

It’s very advisable to integrate so many aspects of questions in one worksheet than splitting it in many worksheets. Therefore, for pupils from 4th to 6th grade the following questionnaires should be added.

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Structure
  • Parts of Speech
  • Verb Tense

Integrating the above can help them really understand it when they come up in their educational endeavors.

For the advanced level worksheet, some of higher questions examining their level of understanding should be included for them to practice. The students should be able to get from the worksheet the intention of the author, structure of paragraph, significance of passage and meaning of important words. Also for poems we should be able to know if the students have really understood

  • Making reference
  • Figurative language
  • Point of view
  • Text structure and interactive genre


For the third grade to read, comprehend and practice with their worksheets, caution should be applied in its preparation. The worksheets should contain the fundamentals of phonics, the alphabets, sounds, and rhyming.

You should understand that rhyming is very important for the 3rd graders. Therefore, their worksheets should have sounds that will enable them to practice rhyming. Here are some perfect examples of third grade reading comprehension worksheets:



For the third graders, practical reading exercises should be used for them to learn how to rhyme. Such practical learning materials should include reading flash cards. And the parents should try and make teaching easier by buying these flash cards for their kids.



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