Home Theater Care and Maintenance Tips

Home Theater Care and Maintenance Tips


Home theater maintenance usually includes regular cleaning. The regular cleaning is a form of maintenance and care that is needed to make the home theater works fine. Clean the dust off from the surface of the unit. You may also have to clean the inside system by blowing of the dust from the system. You do not have to touch the component. You just need to blow air onto it to remove the dust.

Remember that you should not remove the part where you can see that there is a seal on it. The seal usually has something written on it such as a warranty that covers the unit. You have to do routine maintenance so the costly home theater system will not break easily. Regular cleaning and check up can help to make the it work in optimal performance.

You will need duster and cloth to clean the whole system. Use lint-free clothe to clean the TV monitor and projector lens. Dust the surface using duster at least once in 2 weeks. Dust that accumulates everyday might insulate your home theater system and it can cause the system to overheat.

Replace corroded wires so you will not get electrocution if you are cleaning the whole parts. It is also important to replace the corroded wires to prevent electrical damage to the home theater.

Get DVD lens cleaner to clean the laser lens of your DVD player. Lens cleaner will extend the life of your player.

For routine care of home theater projector you can do the following tips:

1. If you want to extend the lamp life you have to make sure that the projector is completely cool before you turn it off.
2. Use cloth if you want to remove the lamp.
3. Turn off the lamp before you turn off the projector.
4. Make sure that the projector is well-ventilated. Keep it in dry place.



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