Rapid Drug Detox

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Rapid Drug Detox


This is a new treatment that claims it can wean an addict away from drugs within a few hours. It is expensive and somewhat controversial.

Drug addiction is a terrible thing for your body to go through. If you’re addicted to a drug and you try to stop, your body will go through “cold turkey”. This means you will get the shakes, you will suffer from diarrhea and vomiting, and you will get severe stomach cramps. And this could go on for weeks on end.

Rapid Drug Detox claims to be able to cure the patient of all addictions within two hours. This costs around $15,000.

The patient is put to sleep using anesthetics. They are then fed cocktail of drugs which virtually detox the whole system. Then they are given a massive dose of a drug called naltrexone, which blocks the brain cells from their need for any drugs, thereby ridding the patient of their addiction. The patient must be asleep for this treatment, as there would be too much pain otherwise. There is between two thirds and three quarter success rate.

Because this is a new procedure, there is not much data to follow-up on. Critics also say that the price is just too much for what is being done. And, a few years ago seven people died during an early form of rapid detox treatment. The doctor concerned was taken before the courts, but it was ruled that the people did not die from the treatment.

Drug addiction is an evil disease that rips people’s lives apart. Drug Detox can be extremely difficult. If Rapid Drug Detox treatments can offer a more humane method of withdrawal, then I say, why not.

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