Jelqing Tips – Can I Speed UP My Size Gains WITHOUT Pills or Drugs?

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Jelqing Tips – Can I Speed UP My Size Gains WITHOUT Pills or Drugs?


The best part about learning to jelq is the variety of ways you can improve your results.

As I’ve pointed out…when I first learned how to jelq, I was doing it ALL wrong. Yet….I still got noticeable gains. It took a lot longer than necessary I’m sure. And I probably didn’t get nearly as big as I would have, had I practiced properly from jump. But kind of like sex or pizza…..there really is NO bad way to jelq, even if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to learn the right moves.

Here are great ways to speed your size gains without spending a ton of money on risky drugs, pills or supplements:

Practice with a wider variety of grips. Tension and traction are both popular…..and yet, offer different results. I recommend using them TOGETHER, with more traditional jelqing techniques, for maximum improvements to your manhood, in minimum time.

Warm UP and Warm Down: And I mean this both literally and figuratively alike. Stretching, both before and after PE exercise is a great way to get faster gains….without doing much else at all. And quite literally, using a warm compress for 3-5 minutes both before and after your exercise, is a well known “cheat” that many men use to open up the blood vessels, soften the tissue, and allow for a much more effective (and enjoyable) exercise.

Do it with Diet, too! The truth is, the foods you eat play a big role in your male enhancement exercise. Go for the GREENS, the blues, the reds and the darks, too! In other words, spinach and green leafy vegetables, blue and red berries and even dark chocolate (natural cacao) are all thought to add important anthocyanins and phytonturitents (both powerful natural anti-oxidants) to the diet that can expedite your growth in a really big way. (no pun intended) They work by opening up the blood vessels, and when combined with the natural torque and tension applied through jelqing properly….are a great way to “toughen” the spongy tissue in the penis, as well as drive more blood to the glans. Don’t take MY word for it though….give the above a try and PROVE it yourself once and for all – you deserve it.

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