Psychological Pre-Employment Tests Can Leave You Scratching Your Head

Psychological Pre-Employment Tests Can Leave You Scratching Your Head


Hiring the wrong employee can be an expensive mistake. That’s why employers are continually developing ways to weed out job candidates that just don’t make the grade. And, because you can’t judge a book by its cover, they often use psychological tests during pre-employment screenings to determine if the potential employees will be a good fit for the job position they’re hiring for, and for their company.

Types of Tests

Some tests are designed to test your I.Q. Not so much to see if you remember what the capital of Iowa is as much as to see if your mind is able to make logical connections.

Other tests are designed to test your personality.

By asking a series of questions, they’re able to determine if you are an extrovert or introvert; if you’re a person who operates from his heart or his head; one who prefers to work in a team or work alone. If you’ve got some deep-seated anger issues, the tests might uncover that as well.

Or, if the employee will have access to cash and merchandise, the employer may issue an “honesty” test during the pre-employment screening.

These tests are set up so they can detect dishonesty in your answers. So, don’t try to outthink the test. Just answer the questions honestly.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

If you’ve taken one of these tests, you’ve probably walked out of the testing room scratching your head and wondering if you answered the questions correctly.

The fact is there are no “correct” answers to the questions.

Questions range all over the board from “Would you report a coworker if you knew they were stealing?” to “Is recreational use of drugs okay if it doesn’t affect your work?” And, many times, the questions are reworded and repeated throughout the test.

These tests are set up to detect attempts to misrepresent oneself. So, experts recommend answering the questions honestly. When you come across the same question later in the test, you won’t have to worry about contradicting your first answer.

Essentially, the answers to the questions will be summed up and provide an overall deduction of your personality.

Prepare For the Test

You can’t study for these types of tests. However, you can prepare in the following ways…

o Get plenty of rest the night before, and eat a nutritious meal or snack before the test.

o You might want to limber up your mind with some crossword puzzles or puzzle games.

o speed in completing the test may be a factor. So, answer quickly and don’t ponder any one problem for too long. If you’re having difficulty with a response, you might be able to come back to it later.



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