Full Time MBA Vs Distance Learning MBA

Full Time MBA Vs Distance Learning MBA


There has always been a debate amongst the MBA applicants while choosing between a full time MBA and a distance education MBA. Students always get confused whether a full-time or a distance program would be apt for them. Should they get a degree from one of the country’s leading colleges or avail the benefits of getting a degree just from home? If studying from home is a better option then what is the credentials of distance courses? Also, it is important to know how full-time education is different from distance education programs.

Distance learning MBA:

Distance courses are designed especially for those who cannot afford to quit their job to pursue an additional degree. They either have to support a family or just do not want to sit at home and put a stop to their income. It offers an added benefit of not having to attend lecture and still availing a qualification.

Distant learning is an offline process where students get enrolled in to some distance education universities. They are then provided with all the necessary study materials and books. Students get the complete liberty to prepare for the exams on their own and as they wish. They just have to give a final examination at the end of the course tenure.

Full time MBA:

Full time MBA courses are conventional ways of getting yourself educated in a professional manner. It is obvious that the curriculum for full time courses is always better than distant courses as they include a much detailed approach. Full time courses include extensive training and practical sessions along with internal and semester examinations that help students to develop their skills in the best possible way. However, this is not the case with distance courses.

Furthermore, in some cases, the distance learning MBA degree is not considered and companies show an indifferent attitude towards candidates with such degree. However, the scenario varies for working professionals who want to pursue higher degree for better career prospects. In such cases, it is understood that it is not possible for working people to go for a regular syllabus and distance program is the only option left with them.

Finally, it is important to be self motivated if you want to gain knowledge and success through MBA programs. Hence, get yourself disciplined and organized.

Also, distance learning MBA costs lesser than full time courses. Also, these days there are a number of distance learning institute that offer you varied course options, such as distance MCA programs, distance MBA program, distance BCA courses and so on.



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