Designing SEO Friendly Websites to Avoid Website Clutter

Designing SEO Friendly Websites to Avoid Website Clutter


Website designing has a great impact on the popularity of the website. Some websites are rich in information but their presentation is so dull that they fail to hold the interest of the readers for a long time. It is important to follow proper seo guide to stand out in the crowd of growing number of websites. Not all web designers are aware of the positive impact of seo in popularizing a website. As a result of which they design the website in such way that it fails to become search engine friendly. Few of the common mistakes which should be avoided are as follows

Common Website Design Mistakes

1. Using Flash to design the website

2. Neglecting backlinks or internal links in the website

3. Using pictures instead of anchor text on order to make the website look attractive

4. Applying confusing codes and tons of code

5. Using JavaScript which are not coded properly

6. Keeping blogs under- optimized

7. Using descriptive non – seo friendly URLs

We often concentrate more on the presentation of the website but the main purpose of creating a website is to reach out to the target audience effectively for which it is essential to incorporate certain basic things in it to make to suitable for the search engine purpose. Here are few simple way that will be able to drag in more traffic to the website for better page ranking and at the same time hold their interest to study the website thoroughly.

Steps to make websites seo friendly

1. Maintain a simple presentation of the website with proper white space along with the right font color and font size

2. Avoid using flash, JavaScript etc as they take a lot of time for loading which makes the reader impatient and go for other option

3. Use appropriate anchor text relevant to the content

4. Design the website in a manner to make it easily navigable

5. Avoid using too many images to create better visual appeal as images take more time to download

6. The web server of the website should be active round the clock as the search engine spider can visit anytime

7. The search engine spider scans the website from the top left corner so it is better to keep the navigation keys on the left side of the website

8. Put unique informative content in the website so that visitor can gain some useful knowledge for their purpose

9. Use a proper site map with all links at one place to make the website easy to navigate for the visitor

It is better to keep the content to the point to reduce the length of the website and avoid scrolling. With the growing popularity of online buying and selling it has now become essential to design the website properly after consulting proper seo resources and make it fit for effective ecommerce.



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