How to Make Money Fast on the Internet – Go Viral

How to Make Money Fast on the Internet – Go Viral


Viral Marketing has become a very popular method of promotion, simply because it’s so effective! The goal of viral marketing is to spread information around the web, creating a viral effect and bringing more visitors to your site. But did you know that many also make money doing this?

Viral Marketing in conjunction with Free Marketing can be very powerful for your business. Is there a 15-30 page report that you can give subscribers to your email? Perhaps a chapter out of your book? A free hour of consultation? Whatever it is, the line has been moved in advertising so that the customer now expects to get some free information before they even pay for anything. But if you are giving away something for free, how can you possibly make money from it? Well, there is actually two ways:

1. Affiliate Branding- A popular type of book to create is a “How to create a website” ebook. Most newbies to internet marketing have no idea how, so it is a great topic, but the authors of the book can actually generate revenue off of affiliate commissions. If the author tells you to go to to register for a domain and hosting, and you click through from his link, he will get a commission from you signing up! This does not raise the rate you pay at all, but he is getting paid nonetheless. Affiliate commissions can come from domain registration, web hosting, other information product sales, and many other places. The affiliate links are literally “branded” into the ebook, and the author gets credit.

2. Indirect sales- Don’t get me wrong, here. I think the above method is a great way to make money out of giving someone free value, and I’ve contributed to many gaining affiliate commissions. My motto is that if I am gaining value from what is being taught, the author does deserve some commission. But the other way that the author makes money off of these e-books is from traffic back to their site. Most times, the author’s website is placed at the bottom of every page, so the reader is constantly reminded of who gave them this information. Even if they are not making money off of this book, they know that a certain percentage of readers will come back to the site for more great information.

By giving the reader “give-away rights,” the reader can give this book away to his own subscribers as an incentive to join a newsletter, thus perpetuating this viral effect. The good thing is that the author gets to establish the legal terms of their own e-books. If you do not want anyone giving the information away, simply say so in your introduction. If you do want the book to spread around the internet, say that you do. Just ask those who give your book away that they leave all of your affiliate links and website links intact, so that you make money on both the affiliate sales and indirect traffic back to your site.

I personally give three free e-books to those who sign up for my newsletter, simply because they are great books that they can learn from immediately, even without buying anything. This has helped my marketing a lot, and I get a lot more sign-ups for my newsletter as a result.



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