Last Longer Pills – The Secret Ingredients of Hot Rod Pills

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Last Longer Pills – The Secret Ingredients of Hot Rod Pills


Men want to please women and they also want to heighten their pleasure in bed, and many have turned to last longer pills in order to do both. This solution however has worked with varying degrees of success for them because many pills promise a lot but they fail to deliver. Hot Rod pills rely on a secret known to but a few for centuries and can do what it claims and more importantly do it without side effects!

Last longer pills are actually advertised on television these days and some work, though the potential side effects can be worrisome. Others may not work at all or for only a few men. Still other last longer pills require that a man avoid alcohol or take them only at certain times.

Who needs all those restrictions? That is certainly not for the man who wants to live life to its fullest last longer in bed, and do it without side effects or restrictions!

The secret of hot Rod Pills lies in natural ingredients packed into a 350 mg capsule. Each is carefully balanced to help produce the best results in the shortest time with ingredients, which have no other effect than a healthy sex life and an enlarged penis.

What Hot Rod pills can do for the man:

1. Hot Rod pills help increase blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow means the penis is larger, firmer and ready for action.

2. Hot Rod pills help desensitize the penis just enough so that a man can last longer in bed, extend the sex and act ensure his partners pleasure.

3. Hot Rod pills can help revive sexual interest like a mini aphrodisiac. He does not even have to think about sex or try to feel romantic; the last longer in bed pills will assure he is interested!

4. Alcohol is not off limits with Hot Rod last longer in bed pills, that means the man does not have to restrict his normal activities to enjoy the benefits.

Hot Rod last longer pills contain natural ingredients instead of a bunch of things you cannot pronounce much less identify! Each Hot Rod last longer in bed pill contains the following:

1. Butea Superba – 65.00 m – this herb has long been used in Asia as an aphrodisiac to stimulate the libido.

2. Diascoria Bulbifera – 65.00 m which is a natural derivative and used alone can help erectile dysfunction but combined with the other ingredients can create a sex machine!

3. Eurycoma Longifolia – 62.50 mg is an Asian plant which has long been known to stimulate testosterone.

4. Polyrachis Vicinia – 52.50 mg also known as the ANT ingredient. This is a vitamin rich ingredient, which helps boost sexual performance.

5. Fructus Tribulus Terrestris – 52.50 mg is used to help boost testosterone that helps boost libido and performance.

6. Radix Smilax Myosotiflora – 28.00 mg to enhance blood flow to the penis resulting in a larger member.

7. Deer Antler Velvet – 24.50 mg used for strength energy and yes, endurance.

While many last longer in bed pills, contain one of these ingredients none have all of these proven ingredients, which together can restore a man’s sex life back to his prime and do it all naturally.

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