Make Your Breasts Grow With These Vitamins and Minerals

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Make Your Breasts Grow With These Vitamins and Minerals


What you eat can have a bearing on your body size. This is especially true when it comes to making your breasts grow naturally. Don’t get me wrong you can’t just stuff yourself with anything. The foods that are best are the ones that contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Below you will find the top seven minerals and vitamins and their benefits to help you make your boobs bigger.

1. Having a good amount of vitamin A will ensure your immune system stays healthy. Vitamin A is also responsible for keeping your cells in the body healthy too. Another benefit of vitamin A is it will help prevent the look of getting older by keeping the skin smooth and soft. This comes in useful when wanting a bigger bust as it can prevent the breasts sagging and forming wrinkles. This particular vitamin is commonly found in dairy foods, such as fresh milks and eggs. Vegans need not worry though as vitamin A is also abundant in fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe melons, sweet potatoes and carrots.

2. Vitamin B6 is especially effective as it is responsible for keeping your circulatory system working efficiently. Healthy red blood cells also benefit from the presence of B6 too. Ensuring your circulation is working well increases the effectiveness of the breast massage technique to get bigger boobs. The massage will cause blood cells to gather in the breasts which in turn will make them bigger. You should eat bananas, potatoes, seeds and nuts if you need to increase your intake of B6.

3. Vitamin C in your diet is a must if you want to promote healthy growth of your muscle tissues. When using the various exercise techniques to make your breast grow the vitamin C will allow the muscles behind the breasts to grow correctly. Strengthening the pectorals will give your breasts a lift, this also makes them firmer and more rounded. Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C, However if you prefer you can eat spinach and broccoli, both of which are rich in vitamin C.

4. Another vitamin that will help to keep your blood cells healthy is vitamin E. Healthy blood cells are essential if you want to get bigger boobs naturally. Vitamin E also helps reducing the level of cholesterol in your body too. Nuts and greens are abundant with vitamin E. As are avocados.

5. Zinc is required in the system to boost your immune system. It will boost growing new tissues. Anyone serious about making their breasts bigger has to understand this. Oysters and lamb are two foods with a rich source of zinc. Dark chocolate contains zinc too. You would never have thought chocolate would be good for something other than helping you to put on weight.

6. Selenium’s job in the body is to repair cells within the body and help new cells grow. This is another important factor if you want to make your breast grow. Selenium can be found in Cod, Tuna, Beef and Brazil nuts.

7. Vitamin B9 or folic acid allows the formation of healthy tissues and cells. It is commonly found in foods such as Liver, asparagus and dried beans.

You may be excited to start a cocktail of minerals and vitamins to make your breast grow, but take care as too much of a vitamin can cause effects negative to the ones your expecting. Complementing your diet with supplements is a good idea, however do some research and stay within the recommended daily amount.

To get the maximum benefit from these vitamins is to use them alongside the various exercises or the wonderful breast massages that you can take part in. Many of the lotions and potions available contain a majority of these vitamins. So ensure you are getting the right amounts and soon you should see your breasts get bigger naturally.

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