Low Sperm Count – What Are Vitamins to Increase Sperm Count?

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Low Sperm Count – What Are Vitamins to Increase Sperm Count?


For partners having trouble conceiving, fertility tests are likable in being high in your priority list. One of these tests named sperm count test, measures sperm amount in small unit volume in semen. Normally there are about 20 million – 150 million sperms per milliliter. Low sperm count can cause male infertility.

For the past few years drops in male fertility was seen. It seems that sperms are sensitive to the surroundings of an individual; an unhealthy environment could affect sperm quality and production. Some of the possible that affect low sperm count are: inadequacy of diet, stress and drugs, medications, pesticide found in foods, obesity and smoking.

With the increase of refined and processed foods, a trend is forming concerning consuming less than nutritionally needed diet with vitamins, essential fats, antioxidants falling short with what is needed for health and plenty sperms.

Antioxidants consisting of beta carotene, vitamins C and E are important to sperm count improvement. These antioxidants protect the sperm against oxidative damage, contributing towards increased sperm concentration and motility. Vitamin C could be found in citrus fruits.Vitamin E could be acquired through nuts like walnuts and almonds. Dark green and orange vegetables like broccoli, carrots and kale are good sources for Beta Carotene.

Men who smoke are more vulnerable to the depletion of antioxidants. In order to ensure good dietary supplemental amounts, it will be most important for a person to stop smoking. There are instances where sperm clumps together- this condition is known as agglutination. To reduce sperm agglutination, a recommended dose of 1 gram of Vitamin C a day.

Very critical for hormones to function are the essential fatty acids. Prostaglandins, abundant in good semen are made of essential fats. Poor quality, low count or motility of sperm could indicate inadequate prostaglandins. These essential fatty acids could be found in oily fish like mackerel, herring and salmon. Including 2-3 portions a week, fresh, tinned or frozen are good.

Essential for the production of sperm are Amino acids. According to some research in supplementation of L-Arginine (amino acid used in treating low sperm count), it can greatly improve motility and sperm count when administered around 4 g a day.

Another research also indicates that Ginseng from Asia could help fight against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If these issues might connect to your problem than proper supplementation could be something you have to consider in treatment of low count of sperm.

For men wanting to improve fertility, it’s important to acquire proper vitamins, for a low sperm count could be treated with different supplements based on the problem. Elimination and reduction of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and stress will take you a very long way in improving fertility. Basically, it all boils down to your own self discipline and having right healthy life style for you to avoid these health problems. Furthermore you will be setting the right standard for living healthily in the next family generations.

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