Drugs Found in US Drinking Water – Yeah You Read That Right!

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Drugs Found in US Drinking Water – Yeah You Read That Right!


The drugs found in US drinking water has sparked the attention of many Americans, and for good reasons too. But should you actually be worried about these drugs found in US drinking water?

First of all, how do they get into our public water supplies?

Well, most people think that all the drugs they take are completely absorbed by the body and just disappear, but this is not true. We take the pills, our bodies absorb some of it, and the rest passes through our system and gets flushed down the drain. Once waste water is treated, it gets dumped into rivers or lakes, and then some of it is cleansed again at drinking treatment plants and pumped back into our homes.

Unfortunately, our public treatment plants do not have the proper technology to remove drugs found in US drinking water. All they really do before they pump it back into our homes is remove all the visible stuff and then add chlorine to disinfect it.

It’s not pleasant to think about, but about 10% of all the water we drink has been used before. There’s no such thing as “new” water. Our planet continually recycles and reuses the exact same finite amount of water. And it seems like the more we look for contaminants in drinking water, the more we end up finding.

So do drugs found in US drinking water pose any threat to your health? The answer to this question is heavily debated.

Some people say that since there’s only trace amounts of them in drinking water that they can’t really harm us too much. But other say that they pose a unique danger because unlike other pollutants, prescription drugs are designed to work on humans in small concentrations. That’s what they do!

Then there’s the concern (and evidence) of drugs found in US drinking water reacting with other synthetic chemicals and forming new and dangerous compounds. We already know about the dangers of compounds that form when chlorine and synthetic chemicals react (THMs), and the same threat is there with prescription drugs.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable consuming even tiny trace amounts of drugs like antibiotics, sex hormones and birth control pills, anti-depressants, cholesterol and heart medication, anti-convulsants, and asthma medication, among many others. And this goes double for our children!

To make sure that our family is not put at risk, we installed a simple water filtration system on our kitchen faucet. For just pennies a day, we are able to assure that all the water we drink is safe, pure, and healthy. And as long as it removes volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs), it’ll reduce the amount of drugs found in US drinking water.

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