How to Deal With Stress Without Drugs – The Insights That Always Work But You Are Not Aware Of

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How to Deal With Stress Without Drugs – The Insights That Always Work But You Are Not Aware Of


How to deal with stress in a healthy and effective way

Why so many people complain about feeling stressed and so few of them succeed to break the chains of this strange state of human mind?

The answer is simple: There is something tricky about stress not everybody sees. Fortunately I can share with you some useful hints which for sure can help you.

First of all you have to decide what you want to do: dealing with stress in the long-term or just getting an immediate stress relieve.

Dealing with stress in the long-term requires consistency. Actually this is one of the major points completely disregarded by the majority of us, which turns out to be the reason why most of us fail in defeating stress. Dealing with stress in the long-term involves three simple steps which we have to blend in as part of our daily routines. We have to be persistent in doing them to a point that they become part of our subconscious…

Here they are:

1. Mind your words

2. Eat the Right Foods

3. Move

Once you get used to the three steps listed above you will build a 100% stress protection which will finally result in dealing with stress in the long-term.

Immediate stress relieve is most often of short duration. However getting an immediate stress relieve is sometimes of the utmost importance. This is why knowing some useful tips about treating stress on the spot is sometimes of life importance.

Most of the resources on the net about how to deal with stress can be classified in this category. Among all of them I find as most useful the massage techniques and the breathing exercises. Of course if you do them consistently they will contribute to relieving stress in the long-term as well.

Regarding the massage techniques the most important is to know some important biologically active points located mainly on your head and legs. The massage should be done with care and while building a positive attitude.

Breathing exercises are important because they contribute to restore the balance of your body. When stressed we usually tend to accumulate tension in the head, shoulders and chest areas. Breathing helps us restore the balance which has been distorted by stress.

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