An Appreciation of Lloyd Clayton and Clayton College of Natural Health

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An Appreciation of Lloyd Clayton and Clayton College of Natural Health


I cannot help but appreciate people who have championed the cause of Alternative Health Care. One such individual is Lloyd Clayton, the founder of Clayton College of Natural Health. Clayton College opened 25 years ago during a time when chemical medicine ruled health care in the USA. In those days it was criminal to render health care without government license (privilege). Those who tried were considered quacks and could face harsh punishment from law enforcement.

Clayton, a traditional naturopath and herbalist from Birmingham, Alabama was dedicated to the principles of natural health. In spite of the obstacles thrown up by modern medicine and academia his dedication would lead to the rebirth of long distance training for Benedict Lust’s Naturopathy. His college educates more than 25,000 students from around the world who are learning from CCNH to apply traditional natural health care principles.

Clayton offers many naturopathic choices from which to choose. My favorite model is homeopathy and I practice that, along with naturopathy. Clayton is not alone in issuing naturopathic credentials and as always there is some conflict between education providers and their claims. There are other schools who offer degrees in a standard campus atmosphere. Because of my situation the distance learning aspect of Clayton convinced me it was right for me. As the control of modern chemical medicine’s power structure is reduced all forms of natural health training are on the upswing to benefit the people of the world.

I have not been disappointed. Without CCNH’s guidance and inspiration I might be taking drugs or spending time in a medical doctor’s office. Appreciations go deep as I review past and present for those who helped me find avenues in my search for drug free healing.

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