Should Zeolite Supplements Be Used by People Who Take Other Medications?

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Should Zeolite Supplements Be Used by People Who Take Other Medications?


A problem that many people have with different supplements is that of the concerns of some supplements mixing with medications. They can be ones that can cause the effects of one’s medication to be reduced or to be exaggerated. Any of these cases could be harmful to the body. However, these concerns will not be felt by people who use zeolite supplements.

Studies over the years have found that there are no known interactions between zeolite supplements and other medications. This comes from how the effects of various medications have measured with regards to how well they work after zeolite is taken in the body. No negative correlations have been found between zeolite supplements and various medications.

The Food and Drug Administration has also listed zeolite as something that is safe to use. Zeolite is referred to by the FDA as a GRAS supplement. This means that zeolite is Generally Recognized As Safe. A major reason for this comes from how the zeolite is something that a person might have come into contact with on a number of different occasions in the past.

Reports from the FDA have also found that zeolite is nontoxic and is not going to harm the body. This should be regardless of whether or not a person is taking a medication. The recommended dosage of zeolite is one that will be a therapeutic dosage and will be easy for the body to handle.

However, it will help to know that the FDA has not stated that a zeolite supplement can be use to treat any specific type of medical ailment like a medication can. Be sure to watch for this when looking for a good zeolite supplement.

It will also help for a person who is not certain as to whether or not a zeolite supplement is right for one’s needs to consult a doctor for assistance. A doctor can help to get a person to see if a supplement like this is recommended or if it is not necessary for one’s body.

The safety of zeolite is a great thing for anyone to take a look at. Zeolite supplements are not going to impact any medications that a person is dealing with. Using this kind of supplement can help to get a person to work with removing toxins in the body without having to deal with the dangers of any interactions with a medication.

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