Visit MoMa In the Big Apple

Visit MoMa In the Big Apple


The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is always a great attraction for anyone staying in one of the cosmopolitan New York central hotels. With around 14 featured exhibits and a slew of permanent art not to be missed it is, in fact, one of the city’s most popular attractions.

MoMa in summer

One of the events MoMa is hosting this summer is titled the Rain Room. This room contains a sheath of falling water that pauses whenever a human body is detected. Organized by the creative minds at rAndom International, this experimentation with physical art flirts with the line between the piece and the viewer. This is the largest and most ambitious project that the team at rAndom has imagined, and so far it has encountered minimal problems. The Rain Room uses pressure regulators, custom software, 3D tracking cameras, steel beams and intricate coordination to create this carefully choreographed rain experience. For fans of interactive art staying in one of the New York central hotels, this exhibit should be high on the list of attractions to see – it is truly mesmerising.

Also on this summer at the MoMA is British photographer Bill Brandt’s show, Shadow and Light. Brant is an important figure in the foundation of modernist photography, and this exhibition represents a major turning point in his vision. Brandt’s photographs of London during World War II are a way for the world to try to understand life in London during this period of the 20th century. The work featured in this show transforms the mundane into eye-catching characters all with the use of “Shadow and Light”! His crowning achievement, comprised of a series of nudes that embody both the sensuality and the weirdness of the human body, is featured along with photographs of other random objects. The range of subjects Brandt was inspired by is one of the best things about this exhibition. Just minutes away from any of the New York central hotels, this exhibit embodies the beauty of photography and depicts the evolution of one photographer’s work throughout his career.

For those staying in New York central hotels who wish to experience a more fun side of the art world, be sure to head along to the Claes Oldenburg exhibit at the MoMa until August. These delicious looking, witty sculptures that have an unnerving resemblance to food might be too much to handle for anyone too hungry! Oldenburg’s reputation as one of the most important artists of the 20th century can be appreciated through his experimentation with painting, sculpture, subject and form.

New York in the summer time can get a little hot and a whole lot busy! So if you are staying in one of the chic New York central hotels, get out of the mess of the streets and enjoy some air conditioning while taking the opportunity to appreciate some great art.



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