Harnessing The Power Of "Self Funded Proposal" To Boost Your MLM Business!

Harnessing The Power Of "Self Funded Proposal" To Boost Your MLM Business!


The Killer Secret to MLM Prospecting… is NOT prospecting at all!

Huh what? Well, let me ask you something, do the following sound familiar?

Are you tied to what you are doing or do you keep your options open?

Prospect all your friends and family members because they trust you.

You get two people to join your MLM group who then each get two and they get two and pretty soon you’ll be in the DIAMOND qualification!

Those lines play like a broken record – the same ol’ stuff over and over again.

And what if you don’t know all those snazzy prospecting techniques that are guaranteed to get you MLM prospects? That’s okay because that’s what all those motivational CDs you buy from your upline are for.

Your very car becomes a MLM university – you listen to stories after stories about how others have made it big in your network marketing industry. You listen to how the “diamonds” or the “platinums” or whatever higher ups are spending all their time shopping for fancy cars, fur coats, and visiting all the beaches of the world.

Or you hear about those who’s “made it” through all their trials and tribulation. You hear about the drug dealers and gang-bangers who, because of this multi-level-marketing business, finally cleaned up and turned around to make it work for them.

This is supposed to get you pumped. After all, if they can do it, so can you right?

And what happens when you get burnt out? When you get overwhelmed with all the “no’s” and all the negativity?

Oh that’s okay too!

That just means your emotional quotient (EQ) is low! That’s why there are meetings and big “functions” once a month! You sit for hours on end as some big “MLMer” beat you over the head with his/her infinite amounts of MLM wisdom.

After all, this is how you get your EQ back…

And back onto the streets again you go like some performing monkey doing the banana dance.

Only this time you don’t get any peanuts and nobody cares.

Welcome to Multi-Level-Marketing.

It blows chunks =]

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

See, there’s this concept called “self funded proposal” that your uplines surely haven’t told you about yet. It’s about taking advantage of Web 2.0 and creating an automated MLM lead generator online. It’s about becoming the hunted instead of the hunter; about getting your prospects to pay for your marketing even if they don’t ever join you in your business.

In what’s to come in the upcoming articles, I will share with you 7 groundbreaking MLM concepts that will have you saying goodbye to the “traditional” way of prospecting.

They are as follows:

  1. Be a Problem Solver
  2. Get Your Prospects to Pay for Your Marketing Cost
  3. Your Money is in Your “List”
  4. The Importance of Your Relationship
  5. What in the World are YOU Selling??
  6. So What??? Features vs. Benefits
  7. Posture, B*atch!

(If you absolutely can’t wait to read about each of them… then jump to my Squidoo Lens on Attraction Marketing Formula, otherwise, stay tuned!)



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