Top 4 Things to Pack For a Weekend Outing

Top 4 Things to Pack For a Weekend Outing


Summer vocation is just around the corner. And weather is beautiful outside indeed. Maybe you have been studying for too many days without any break or you are stuck slaving away inside the stuffy office more than 40 hours a week. Do you feel bored? I think you must have such feeling. You are eager to go out, but you think you can not afford enough time to do so.

Now just put away work and study and prepare for a weekend getaway. You can still have time to enjoy leisurely time during the short weekend: to get together with your relatives or to see your friends, soak up a few rays or else.

Of course, for these impromptu weekend getaways, you need pack lightly and here are several tips I think you need to remember as for what you need to carry with you.

1. Camera: As for me, camera is essential because we may seldom be out; we need to cherish every chance of being out. Prepare a portable camera to capture valuable memories of our trip. If you still have no camera and plan to buy one, here you need to choose camera of high pixel or equipped with good memory card, battery or else. You also have to check out features of cameras, such as zoom, automatic functions, special effects. With photos and videos, you can make co-workers jealous of the fun times you had over the weekend.

2. Sandals: In this nice weather, I think some light footwear such as sandals or flip-flops are perfect and comfortable to wear. First, when you consider how to turn on a fashion and well-dressed look, sandals are necessary because they go well with your charming dress. Besides, sandals are better choice when you want to go to beach. Moreover, it’ s fashionable enough to wear out on a warm evening out. So a cool summer calls for sandals.

3. Hat: In the summer, sunshine is strong enough to do harm to your skin. Even if you’ re wearing sunscreen, you still need a hat to keep cool. Always people carry sun shade, but I think a hat is better and a straw hat is even better, really chic indeed, which can gives a fashion touch. A hat can protect suns from your eyes and some chic hats can really add coolness and fashion to you.

4. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are perfect for protecting your eyes during a drive to the beach, a morning hike, or even an afternoon swim. And many people think that wearing sunglasses is much more fashionable and cool. I totally agree. Here I recommend buying sunglasses of polarized lenses so that you can drive without sun glare, and watch a sunset directly without worrying about your eyes.

Of course these are my tips and I hope you can share other novelty ideas with me. Prepare your pack out and make your trip full of fun things to do and enjoy this kind of getaway.



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