The History of Lelli Kelly Shoes

The History of Lelli Kelly Shoes


“Lelli Kelly, the cutest shoes… oh yeah! You can play with us, we can be cool, oh yeah!” You have probably heard your little princess singing this popular theme song or even seen it on the television advertisements. If you did, then you know what this song is about. Yes, Lelli Kelly – shoes for your little girls!

The colourful presentation and the lively tune on TV will surely get your kids glued to this commercial, then, they will notice the beautiful shoes that are being shown. After that, they will ask you for their own pair! Of course, you’d think about it first, look for information about this product thinking that your kid should only get the best. And so you searched…

In 1972, these shoes were first known as Kelly Kelly. The name was suggested by the six year old son of the founders, a husband and wife who saw that the market does not cater much of exclusive line of footwear brands for girls. After much discussion, the name was changed to Lelli Kelly, and it all began.

Owing to the company’s extensive marketing and advertising effort, Lelli Kelly has become one of the most popular shoe brands for girls not only in Italy, but around the world. To date, these shoes are still designed and manufactured in Italy, so we are assured that they are made following the highest European Union quality standards.

The popularity of this shoe brand is credited on its stylish and colourful designs. They are designed and embedded with beads, coloured gems and sequins, making them classy and elegant. Any girl will surely be hooked just seeing these glittery shoes fit for a princess and adults will surely wish they were still a kid!

Every Lelli Kelly shoe is made with comfort, quality and style in mind. They are also designed using the latest in shoe technology. Its patented Latex foam insole keeps your little girls feet comfortable and fresh throughout the day. The anti-skid feature will surely keep your girl safe while doing her daily activities. Every pair of Lelli Kelly shoes are machine washable so cleaning is a breeze.

Another feature that makes Lelli Kelly the most preferred girls shoe brand is its manufacturer’s ability to create the right model for the right season. Different collections are available for almost every imaginable activity. They have heels, boots, canvas, sandals, pumps and several other types for your little princess. A dedicated team of designers and researchers are responsible for the different models available in the market. They have thoroughly researched and studied the activities and environments that girls usually get into, to ensure that the designs will be most appropriate.

Every girl who already has a pair of Lelli Kelly surely has their own Lelli Kelly gift as well. This is another marketing strategy used by the company to strengthen their force in the market. Every pair comes with a free gift. Who would forget their clear plastic handbags with pink fur and a small pot of nail varnish and a toy watch with a lip-gloss and mirror, cat shaped lip gloss case, dolly shaped and mobile phone shaped make up sets? Surely, your girl will be mesmerized with the gift that will come with her wonderful shoes!

Though they are one of the leaders in the shoe industry, Lelli Kelly shoes are affordable. With the different colours and designs available, you will surely find something that will fit your budget and will go along with your little girl’s personality.

Now, have you decided?… Of course, how will you say no to your little girl who is still singing: “Lelli Kelly, the cutest shoes… oh yeah!”



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