Northstar PTO Generator Produces 13,000 Watts and Weighs Under 190 Lbs

Northstar PTO Generator Produces 13,000 Watts and Weighs Under 190 Lbs


Northstar PTO Generator 165929

If you are thinking about a small super-charged easily transportable energy supply than you need to check out the Northstar PTO Generator 165929. This relatively humble piece of equipment certainly kicks out the electric power, up to 13,000 watts of surge as well as 12,000 rated continual watts of electrical energy.

The Northstar PTO Generator is actually a single-phase electrical generator that will churn out 100 Amps @ 120V as well as 50 Amps @ 240V. Some of the best attributes of this monster are industry standard 1-3/8 “, 6-spline input shaft geared to 540 RPM.

The 100% copper windings that includes a top notch metal structure means it’s going to keep going many, many years. The (6) receptacles include (4) 20 Amp 120 Volt receptacles as well as (1) 30 Amp 120 Volt receptacle and lastly (1) 50 Amp 120 Volt receptacle.

Northstar PTO Generator Built For Safety

This PTO Generator will come standard with a 100 Amp thermal magnetic circuit breaker together with a tough plastic cover that delivers greater functionality, extended lifetime as well as secure and safe operation. You actually have to have a 24 PTO HP (540 RPM) Motor to obtain the entire 13,000 watts.

One particularly useful attribute is undoubtedly a power outlet for a welder plus the (4) 120V 20 Amp receptacles and voltmeter. Another outstanding feature is definitely the push button reset circuit breakers intended for convenience to get restarted quickly.

PTO electrical power generators are certainly more reliable, will need considerably less routine maintenance, and are generally cheaper when compared with standard energy generators. This is actually a compact generator measuring just barely 35-1/2″ x 22″ x 17″.

But another good point is that it weighs in at less than 190 pounds. NorthStar generation devices are in fact manufactured, developed, as well as test-proven in the U.S.A. for over 2 decades. Northstar has been working together with Honda Motors and with other top quality component manufacturers to provide the power and satisfaction you count on from the industry leader.

Northstar Warranty and Guarantees

Additionally, as with all Northstar Generators, it comes with a 24 months parts /24 months labor Manufacturer Warranty. PTO power generators are used when off the beaten track electrical energy becomes necessary together with a PTO-equipped car or truck is available.

PTO Generators absolutely are a sensible solution for anyone needing easily transportable power, for example a ranch or perhaps a farm. It is very typical that PTO electrical generators are used on farms. One further explanation why PTO generators are widely-used on farms is because of their durability and toughness.

If you want purchase the Northstar PTO Generator 165929 I have done my research and found the best location to purchase this from. They advertise a low price tag warranty plus they are a highly regarded provider inside the power generator industry.

PTO electrical power generators are widely used to generator replacement electrical energy in most natural catastrophes because of their capacity to relocate in addition to their high-power generation for their size. PTO generators absolutely are a genuinely affordable solution to produce electrical energy, especially if you happen to possess a tractor.



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