Super Bubble Recipes – Become an Expert "Bubbleologist"

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Super Bubble Recipes – Become an Expert "Bubbleologist"


So, you want to become an expert “bubbleologist”? These super bubble recipes and homemade bubble wands will make you an expert at creating big, beautiful bubbles. A great activity for kids parties or anytime.

Bubble solutions contain a few simple ingredients which can be found at home or in your local supermarket or pharmacy. You will need liquid dishwashing detergent. The more expensive ones like Joy or Dawn work best. Mix with water then add either light corn syrup or glycerin.

Glycerin is preferable because it makes stronger bubbles and doesn’t attract flying insects like the sweet syrup will. The majority of bubble solutions will include these three ingredients in varying amounts.

Experiment during your play time to see what works best for you. Weather conditions and other factors also play a role in the success of your bubble-making.

When you have perfected your very own bubble blend, you can add tempera paint or food coloring for more colorful bubbles, if desired. These are best used outside as staining is possible.

Here are a few bubble recipes to get you going:

Basic Bubbles I

½ cup Joy or Dawn dishwashing detergent

4 ½ cups water 3 to 4 tblsps. glycerin

Basic Bubbles II

1 cup dishwashing Joy or Dawn detergent

1 gallon water

1 tblsps. glycerin

Basic Bubbles III

1/4 cup liquid Joy or Dawn dishwashing detergent

3/4 cup water

1 ½ tablespoons light corn syrup


Try these easy innovative bubble wands for more bubble-making fun. Remember: Your bubble will be round, no matter what shape bubble wand you use!

*Bend the opening of a coat hanger into a large circle

*Green plastic baskets strawberries come in

*Tuna can with both ends cut out (careful of sharp edges)

*Fly swatters with holes

*Covers of yogurt containers with the center cut out

*Make a Straw and String Wand: Take two straws and run a length of cotton string through both. Tie and hide the knot inside one of the straws. To make a giant bubble, hold the straws in each hand and draw apart to make a rectangle. Dip in bubble mix and gently stroke through the air..


Cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic margarine tub. Replace the lid. Insert bottle of bubbles to help prevent spills.

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