Pros and Cons of Royal Jelly Supplements

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Pros and Cons of Royal Jelly Supplements


Worker honeybees produce a milky substance which is known as Royal jelly. This component is also known by a number of names. They are bee saliva, bee spit and even honeybee milk. This compound is also used for medicinal purposes from quite a long time.

Research conducted has revealed that Royal jelly supplements can bring about a reduction in bad cholesterol in the body. It can help with post menstrual syndrome among women. A number of other benefits have also been documented for the benefit of people.

These products are safe for most people apart from those who could be allergic to products from bees. Concerns have been raised after noticing people who had such allergies suffering from reactions such as swelling in the throat, asthma and even death. Therefore, people who are looking forward to taking them are advised to contact their physician to understand whether they are allergic to such products or not. In some cases, it can also cause bleeding from the colon which can be accompanied by pain in the stomach and bloody diarrhea.

Enough information is not available to indicate that Royal jelly is safe to use on the skin even though reports about irritation and rashes on the scalp have been coming in. Taking such products is not recommended for women during pregnancy, people who have asthma or could be suffering from dermatitis.

Some medicinal drugs like Warfarin are known to interact with the Royal jelly supplements. An individual who is prescribed Warfarin for any reason and is also taking products like these could be susceptible to injuries and bleeding.

The dosage that must be taken depends on the age, health and several other factors, which must be considered. It is strongly recommended that people do not exceed the dosage which will be printed upon the label of the product. Consulting a pharmacist, physician or even an expert in this field will provide more information about how these supplements can be ingested.

Plenty of products are today being sold on the market but are not considered as superior. This is because they have either been imported from countries, which have no concern for pollution or have been manufactured by using imported raw material. These products will not help because they contain a large number of contaminants which can be harmful. Therefore, care must be taken when looking forward to purchasing Royal jelly supplements. A better option would be to order the product directly from a manufacturer who has a manufacturing facility in an area with low pollution. If people are successful in doing, so they will have done away with the cons and will only be benefiting by the pros of the product.

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