Similarities Between the Sonoma, Atkins and South Beach Diet

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Similarities Between the Sonoma, Atkins and South Beach Diet


The Sonoma diet is made up of three phases, what they call ‘waves’. Two of these phases are pretty much similar to some of the Atkin’s diet and South Beach phases.

The first phase of the diet is called the Introduction and it’s very similar to phase 1 of the Atkins and the South Beach diet. (basically you have to eliminate completely sugars, processed foods and some other foods as well.)

The diet is very easy to follow — Phase 1 last only 10 days where you aren’t allowed to eat raw fruits or vegetables and eliminate certain types of fats, carbs and processed foods. We have tested and tried all of these three diets therefore it’s pretty easy to notice that they are in common one with another.

The introduction phase (phase 1) of the Atkins diet is also very similar to Sonoma.

In phase 2 of the Sonoma diet some foods must be re-introduced back into the diet (mainly carbs) and the same goes for the South Beach Diet. By switching foods every 10 days is what makes this diet effective by boosting up your metabolism in order to burn more fat.

In the third “wave”, the Sonoma diet basically allows you to eat certain fat burning foods simply to maintain your achieved weight for the rest of your life. Therefore by joining this diet you’ll have to make the Sonoma Diet a “lifestyle” simply because it allows you to eat liberal food and even some of your own choice. We’ve reviewed all the foods in “wave 3” and to be honest they are some of the tastiest foods you can ever think of.

Truth is that the Atkins and South Beach diet both have a phase which all dieters have to use when reaching their desired weight. (Another similarity to the Sonoma Diet)

Important conclusion on the Sonoma diet, Atkins and South Beach:

  • The general principles of these three diets are very similar (the phases are even used for the same purposes).
  • The only few difference between all these diets are the foods that you’re allowed to eat — at least in our opinion anyway.
  • We recommend using any of these programs as they proved to be effective on the long run: The Sonoma Diet, Atkins or South Beach. However we think that such diets are a bit difficult to follow simply because the final phases of the diets have to become a permanent lifestyle change which in fact limits several types of foods. Another disadvantage is that some of the foods might lower your energy levels.

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