Learn Which Foods Will Make Your Penis Grow in Size Without Pills Or Pumps

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Learn Which Foods Will Make Your Penis Grow in Size Without Pills Or Pumps


Who else wants to learn how to make your penis grow through better food choices and a healthy diet? Are you interested in eating your way to increased SIZE and sexual power…without having to pack on the pounds to make it happen? If you are anything like I once was, the idea of getting a healthy helping of extra inches from FOOD almost sounds too good to be true, right? The fact is…certain foods pack a powerful punch when it comes to erection size, and when you combine a good diet with PE exercises, or penile extension, the gains you CAN get will blow you away.

So which foods are proven to be positive for your penis?

Good question!

Foods rich in certain omega 6 fatty acids are thought to be good – salmon, sardines and oily fish of all kinds are very good.

Spinach and broccoli specifically….and all green leafy vegetables are another food that will help more blood flow to and through the corposa cavernosa when erect.

Dark unsweetened chocolate…or natural cacao are rich in a whole host of anti-aging compounds AND anti-oxidants which are also thought to improve blood flow to the extremities…including of course, your nether regions..:-)

As a matter of fact, dark skinned fruits like acai berry, red grape skins ( for the resvertarol) peanuts and other fatty nuts are also thought to be help your penile circulation, which in turn will amplify the amount of blood that the penis will hold when excited.

The KEY to using diet to get super size?

It’s actually critical to combine GOOD food choices, with either penis enlargement exercises, or a good extender or device like a penis stretcher. (note…these are NOT pumps or pulleys, but rather scientifically validated techniques for stretching the spongy tissue in the penis)

Why do these approaches work well with the diet recommendations above?

Very simple..:-) For the very same reason that NORMAL exercises are most effective when combined with proper food choices. The fact is, when you STACK your strategies for super size….as in, add multiple methodologies for getting great gains, you’ll find the benefits not only come faster….they’re actually a lot easier to actualize to boot!

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