Side Effects of Hoodia Gordonii – Is it Safe to Breastfeed While Taking Hoodia Diet Pills?

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Side Effects of Hoodia Gordonii – Is it Safe to Breastfeed While Taking Hoodia Diet Pills?


Many women worry about getting rid of their extra pregnancy weight once their baby has been born. The race is on straight after the birth to return to their pre-pregnancy weights and regain their normal figures as fast as possible. If you are in this situation and decide that the easiest and most effective way to attaining this goal is to use diet pills, it is important to make sure that you research the tablets beforehand and check that they have no adverse side effects for women who are breast feeding. The hoodia gordonii diet pills are known to have no side effects and are extremely safe and effective as a natural weight loss supplements, though women are strongly advised against taking hoodia diet pills while breast feeding.

Authentic hoodia gordonii is considered to be a very natural and healthy supplement which can offer weight loss results with no side effects or associated health problems, though breast feeding mothers are advised to avoid taking hoodia in any form. There doesn’t seem to be any solid scientific evidence available as to why this is, but there are plenty of theories and ideas as to why hoodia gordonii is not a suitable supplement for breastfeeding mums.

The main theory that has been given as to why hoodia diet pills are not a healthy choice for breast feeding mothers is that they are an appetite suppressant, and it is most likely that the effects of hoodia would be passed through to the infant in the breast milk. Babies survive through nourishment and rely on their food to grow and develop into healthy children, it would be very dangerous for a baby to feel artificially full up and refuse the food and nourishment their bodies vitally need at that age.

Another reason that hoodia diet pills are not advised for breastfeeding mothers is that new mums need to have a high calorie intake and their bodies need to be full of nutrients and the mothers should be eating a well balanced diet. In order to create quality breast milk and provide the baby with the right amount of nourishment that it needs, a mother needs to be eating a rich and healthy diet, not avoiding foods or taking supplements to create a false sense of satiation.

Breast feeling women can find many different ways in which they can stay healthy and regain their usual weights, while still maintaining a full and well balanced diet that will provide their babies with all the nutrients and minerals they need in their delicate growth and development stages of life.

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