How to Save Money On Prescription Drugs

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How to Save Money On Prescription Drugs


Prescription drugs are necessary, but often expensive – too expensive for most without insurance. If you need to save money on your monthly prescription bills, keep reading to learn 7 hot tips on how to save money on all your prescription drug purchases.

1. Buy generic.

Always ask your doctor or at the pharmacy if a generic brand of your prescribed drug is available. You can save up to 75 percent just by opting for the generic brand instead of the commercial brand. Because all drugs need to pass FDA standards, you’re getting the same medicine with the same efficacy no matter what you pay.

2. Shop around.

When you purchase a prescription, pick up the phone and call a few pharmacies. You’ll be amazed at the variance in prices between different pharmacies in your area. Once you find a good price, snatch it up.

3. Ask for discounts.

Whether you’re a veteran, senior, A A A member or frequent shopper, there may be a discount for you. Look for discounts that can help save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly prescription costs.

4. Let your doctor know your financial concerns.

Your doctor may be able to prescribe a generic medication, offer suggestions on herbal alternatives or even opt for another course of treatment that may be more affordable. Remember, you have the right to be informed and engaged in your own health and health-affecting decisions.

5. Split that tablet.

If your doctor prescribes 50mg dosages of a particular tablet, ask about purchasing the 100mg tablets and then split them in half at home. You can save a lot of money this way because the price difference between 50mg and 100mg is almost negligible, and you can cut your prescription costs in half.

Because the delivery system or efficacy of some drugs can be affected when you cut them in half, like with gel caps, always consult with your pharmacist before you try this method.

6. Go mail order.

Because they don’t have the high overhead costs associated with a bricks and mortar store and labor, many online or mail-order pharmacies offer drugs at discounted prices. Remember, always shop from a certified and reputable seller based in your own country.

7. Ask for samples.

If you just need a small or limited dosage, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or pharmacist for samples. These are free samples given to them by the dug company, and they can save you some of the expense of having to purchase.

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