SEO Social Bookmarking – Free Links and Traffic

SEO Social Bookmarking – Free Links and Traffic


Everyday there seems to be a new method of promoting your web site and bringing in new traffic – most of them rarely work. There is however one very effective measure of both improving your web site visibility and gaining valuable backlinks to your site by utilising – seo benefits of Social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is yet another of the internet crazes that makes seo such a vibrant topic. It’s about people and the sites that people like going to – so the search engines where always going to love information like this. Each bookmarking site is basically just an online website that can store all your favourite links in a variety of formats.

The reasons why the social bookmark sites are so loved by seo professionals –

  • Each bookmark posted on these websites counts as a high value backlink to your website
  • Bookmarks are visible to other users in the site so can bring direct traffic
  • Getting featured or on the first page of a big social bookmarking site will bring a huge influx of traffic
  • It can rapidly increase the rate at which new web pages are indexed

If you are a webmaster who hasn’t bookmarked your site you are seriously missing out on a serious form of traffic and links. If your web pages are taking a long time to get indexed in Google – simply bookmark that page as a favourite in the social bookmarking sites and you should see that indexing time fall dramatically. I’ve had new pages on my websites indexed the very same day using social bookmarking sites to stimulate the search engines.

How much effort and expense can you incur getting quality backlinks to your website – anybody who has tried this in earnest knows how difficult it can be. However many of these social bookmarking sites have seriously high Page Rank so any links from them will be greatly beneficial.

Most seo professionals agree in the tremendous power of social bookmarking sites currently and you should really try and get the best pages of your sites included on every one you can find.

Obviously this can be extremely time consuming as there are lots of social bookmarking sites out there – but to be more positive lots of free backlinks out there as well. You can spend many, many hours submitting new pages to these online bookmark sites which is why a lot so submitting companies have appeared. Some of these provide a professional and quality service – yet others basically spam the social bookmarking sites with your details – the results which will possibly get you banned or even worse have a negative seo effect on your site.

It’s great to submit to the bookmarking sites but you should do it gradually and carefully which is why I always prefer a method I can control. It’s important to be able to restrict how, when and to who my web pages is submitted, taking care to use these systems properly will have a much better effect than just spamming them.



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