Busby SEO Challenge – Google Ranking Tips

Busby SEO Challenge – Google Ranking Tips


The Busby seo Challenge is one of the hottest search engine optimization competitions worldwide. As the dare for the best SEOs heats up, diverse techniques in website optimization are employed to reach the ultimate goal – to rank highest in Google by August 31, 2008.

With lucrative cash prizes at stake, the Busby seo Challenge is one great avenue for healthy competition. Showcasing seo skills in this prestigious contest has one prime requirement, which is be the best in Google’s eyes. Why? How?

Google is the single most important search engine that holds majority of the online market. It is used to provide the “main results” for various other search engines. Also, Google provides its “Paid Results Ads” to search engines like HotBot, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, AOL Search and Netscape.

Getting a high ranked in Google is different from being indexed by the Google Spider, the GoogleBot. A website might have been indexed by the Googlebot but ranking at the top 10 results for a particular keyword is a different story. This is the essence of the Busby seo Challenge.

In joining seo competitions such as the international Busby seo Challenge, it is an imperative to understand what Google wants – as it is the main determinant what sites stand out from the rest. One key element to consider is that Google looks only at the quality of the web pages linking to each site. Thus, to obtain the most relevant search results, link quality matters more to Google than link popularity. This tip is the single paramount means to get good ranking to all “crawler” based search engines.

As winning the Busby seo Challenge serves as a major confidence booster and a lifetime achievement, it takes a lot of skills and guts. Aspiring SEOs have to undergo painstaking process – a supreme test of skill and patience.

Here are some tips that Busby seo Challenge contenders have to maximize efforts on:

* Making sure to have a valuable content for Google searchers. Concentrate on keywords or key phrases that are unique to the site’s content. This will ensure a more targeted visitor from Google.

* Building only quality links. Promoting the site pages to relevant portals that accept external links is a good way in building site links – especially those with top ranking in Google. Link exchanges with top sites in Google that have good rankings are also essential. Google gives different ranking for each of the site’s pages so it is important to optimize the whole web site.

* Optimizing by using the top keywords appear in the title, meta tags and content.

* Keeping track of the vying ranking in Google. This is beneficial in analyzing the site periodically.

* Tracking the indexed pages. To know if a certain page is already indexed by Google and evaluate it if not.

* Link Popularity or keeping track of the sites linking to the competing site.

Busby seo Challenge undoubtedly opens an arena for top-notch SEOs in the world. No one can foresee or judge what website can make it to the top as only Googlebot holds the final verdict.



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