Giganews Review – Compare Giganews Usenet Servers

Giganews Review – Compare Giganews Usenet Servers


Of the 100 different Usenet Newsgroup companies that are in today’s market, it is hard to tell how Usenet providers differ from one another. With so many options to choose from it’s a pleasure when provider’s add value to their offerings. One company that particularly stands out in the crowd is Giganews.

One of the main reasons is retention. Giganews holds the longest retention of any Usenet provider. Some providers like Astraweb and UsenetServer trail closely behind but Giganews has always set the benchmark for having the most retention. What is more important is the quality of Giganews’ retention. The files are very complete even in the older dated articles.

Another feature that makes Giganews stand out are the download speeds that they offer from their news servers. I have tested it and it is very fast. They actually have a speedtest tool on their website that tests one connection to their server. I was able to max out my broadband connection while doing some testing. The speed seems to be steady even when downloading older articles as well. The connection speed would also stay maxed out. Meaning it is a sustained fast download speed.

Giganews also includes SSL encryption with all accounts. This can also help you increase your speeds. Some ISP’s throttle your connection speeds if you are constantly downloading a lot from Usenet or using your broadband connection heavily. The SSL connection to the server masks your traffic as secured traffic. Meaning it does not look like Usenet traffic. They also offer their proprietary speed boosting technology called the Giganews accelerator. This increases speed on header downloads as well. It seems that they are focused with providing fast download speeds to their customers.

More recently, Giganews has added more features to its top package. They added VyprVPN, which is a VPN service with their Diamond account. The VPN service will help secure your data while surfing online or any other internet application. They also rolled out their new newsreader called MIMO. MIMO is a software that supports NZB’s and does searches via a Usenet Search function.

Although many of Giganews’ Usenet packages are priced higher than many of the other vendors, one should definitely take a look at their service. The service has always been reliable and we think it will continue to be in the future. Hopefully they will continue to add more options in the future.



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