Recessed and Step Garden Lights

Recessed and Step Garden Lights


The choice of garden lighting is huge these days, with new products coming out every week that promise to bigger and better than the last. However, all of them serve the same function; they just do it in different ways. Recessed lights are best used for lighting pathways and patios. The reason is because you don’t want to trip over them when you are walking. Being below ground level also makes it much easier to mow around them, which can save a lot of hassle and time.

Most recessed lights point a beam of light in an upwards direction from a single bulb and reflector, although some of the more modern lights can be adjusted to shine the beam in other directions. This is handy if you want to illuminate a wall or a tree from an angle. The disadvantage is that they can be difficult to install and they generate a lot of heat. This can be problematic if you have them installed on a path and may need to step on them. Small children or pets may not know the dangers, so you need to be aware of this fact. Buying a lower watt bulb should reduce the heat and may be an option in this case.

Step lights are used for lighting pathways and drives as well as steps. The challenge with any step light is that you don’t want any glare from the beam, as this can cause accidents if you can’t see the next step. The solution is to place them around the step edges. Most step lights have a shield on the top which prevents the beam from shining upwards. You will find very clever designs, such as mushroom shapes to conceal what is really going on. Some step lights can be built into the step itself, and these look the best and are the safest to use. Even these have small eyelets to deflect the light beam and stop the glare.



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