Penis Health Care Is Not Just for Men – What All Women Should Know

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Penis Health Care Is Not Just for Men – What All Women Should Know


For six years, scientists at the University of Texas at Austin conducted research to determine why women chose to have sex. Of the 237 reasons women provided, not one included a reference to the appearance of the penis itself. The women enjoyed what the penis could do, and they certainly seemed to enjoy situations in which a penis played an active role, but the simple thought of a man’s penis didn’t cause them to run for the bedroom with joy.

Women might never be visual creatures that stand in long lines for a glimpse of a man’s outer workings, but a woman who does spend time getting up close and personal with the penis might experience more than just gratitude from her partner. By spending just a little time on penis health care issues, women could experience benefits of their own.

Elimination of Odors

Men may slather on cologne and daub on deodorant, but that might fail to mask intimate odors. Poor hygiene is often to blame, as dead skin cells and bacteria can combine and produce a distinctive, fishy smell that’s hard to ignore. Thankfully, a bit of gentle soap could banish the odor for good. Circumcised men can handle their cleaning issue with a swipe of soap and a thorough rinse. Uncircumcised men need to retract the foreskin before they clean, but the same soap-and-water routine works for them, too.

When the guy is fresh and clean, women can introduce a little penis health crème as a reward. The emollients can help skin to regenerate at a healthy rate, allowing dead cells to slough off with ease. Fewer trapped skin cells means less odor, less repulsion and fewer awkward moments during intimate encounters.

Softer, Responsive Skin

The penis is designed to react to even the softest touch, but rough penis treatment on a daily basis can result in tough, hard skin that’s slow to respond. Men can cause this damage by:

  • Wearing rough clothes
  • Neglecting lubrication during intimate moments
  • Avoiding athletic supporters
  • Using harsh soaps and washcloths

Unreactive, rough skin can make sex less pleasant for everyone involved, and severe cases of dry skin could even kill an encounter before it begins. Penis skin that’s rough, dry and peeling may appear unhealthy, and women might fear that the condition is contagious. Women might also worry that added friction could make that dry skin worse. When health considerations like this enter the picture, a romantic moment could flutter right by.

Penis health crèmes contain ingredients that can soften and soothe the skin, allowing roughened cells to slough off. These dead cells are replaced with healthier, new skin that’s more responsive and much more appealing. Women might enjoy handling skin that’s soft and supple, and men might feel more comfortable showing off their skin, knowing that a long talk about health care won’t follow a sudden skin exposure.

Finding the Right Product

Women might be tempted to dip into their own cosmetic supplies in an attempt to soothe penis skin. Unfortunately, women’s health care products are often thick and heavily scented, and these two attributes could mean disaster for the sensitive skin of the penis. Perfumes can be drying, and thick ointments can lock in odors. Men might also dislike the idea of using a woman’s product on a part of the body that’s associated with manliness and sexual prowess.

An ideal penis health crème (health care experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) contains no feminine fragrances that could offend men. In fact, fragrances of any sort are a bad idea, as they can cause irritation. In addition, products made for the penis should be quickly absorbed, softening skin quickly without allowing dead cells to accumulate beneath a veneer of lotion. Women who invest in a product like this can help their men, and they might also help themselves.

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