Ease Away Your Tension With Stress and Anger Management Strategies

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Ease Away Your Tension With Stress and Anger Management Strategies


Stress is defined as anything that poses a threat to your psychological, physical and emotional well-being, while anger is defined as strong feelings of hostility, rage, frustration and/or annoyance that occur when you feel threatened or challenged. Everyone experiences anger and stress from time to time, but when it gets out-of-control, then it is time to do something about the situation. A variety of stress and anger management techniques can help alleviate your tension and manage your anger.

The following suggestions can help reduce your stress and control you anger:


Stay away from drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can play a significant role in stress and anger management issues. Substances (drugs and alcohol) can alter your judgment and distort your perception of what is really happening around you and to you. They can also cause you to behave in dangerous and unacceptable ways. For instance, consuming drugs and alcohol can make you overly emotional, anxious, stressed, and/or depressed, which in turn can intensify your stress and anger management issues.

In addition, substance abuse or drug and alcohol addiction can cause you to behave in an impulsive and irrational manner such as exploding with rage over something trivial such as having to wait for a drink at the bar or getting the answering machine when you call your girlfriend or boyfriend. Moreover, stress can lead to substance abuse, which can lead to stress and anger management issues.

Furthermore, you may turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate or avoid the issues that are causing you stress. You may justify you substance abuse by saying that it takes away your stress and helps you control your anger, but in reality it only takes away these things for a short amount of time and then you are forced to confront your issues once again.

Exercise on a regular basis

Exercise is another effective stress and anger management technique. Research suggests that regular exercise positively affects your mood and behavior. Daily or weekly exercise will not only help you become physically fit, it will also help reduce your stress level and control your anger.

Talk to someone

Talking to someone is an effective way to manage you anger and stress management issues. Sharing your concerns, thoughts and feelings with family, friends and/or co-workers can help you resolve conflicts and work through issues that have been stressing you and causing your feel frustrated and angry. Sometimes all it takes to reduce the stress and control your anger is expressing your fears, worries and concerns to someone that cares.

Stick to a healthy diet

Removing unhealthy foods (junk food, processed food, sweets, sugar, etc.) from your diet can help you manage your stress and anger management issues. Nutrition plays a significant role in how your body functions. A poor diet can cause you to experience higher-than-normal stress levels, fatigue, irritability, frustration and anger. It is important that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables in to your daily diet.

Make a list

Making a list of everything you need to do can help manage anger and stress management issues. Write down all of your tasks, responsibilities and obligations (i.e. doctor’s appointments, take child to dance class, clean the house, etc.), classify each task by importance and then complete each task one-by-one until you have researched the last thing on your list. Creating an outline will give you structure, which can help ease stress that stems from being overwhelmed. Once the stress is removed you will no longer feel anger, anxiety, frustration and/or irritability because you will be able to see the progress you are making.

Professional Help

There are times when self-help techniques are unable to help reduce your anger and stress management issues. If you constantly feel stressed, tense or anxious or you are unable to control your anger, then it is time to seek help from a qualified mental health professional. It is important to note that neglecting your stress and anger issues will eventually lead to a variety of psychological and physical problems.

Participate in stress management therapy

You can receive stress and anger management help through individual, group and/or family therapy. You can also receive help for your stress and anger issues by attending anger management classes. Stress management therapy teaches you how to: identify your triggers, process your feelings, reframe your perception of stressful or challenging situations, manage your stress levels and respond to stressful situations in healthy way.

Follow your prescribed treatment plan

It is important to follow your physician’s prescribed treatment plan, if you have a psychological disorder or physical condition. Following your doctor’s instructions and taking your medications as prescribed may help prevent stress and anger management issues. Most physicians will not prescribe psychotropic medications for stress and anger management issues, but it is important to note that neglecting to take your medications for other ailments may affect how your mind and body processes situations and events. This can cause overwhelming mental and physical stress, anger, anxiety and/or depression.

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