The Best Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally

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The Best Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally


Have you been trying to get pregnant? Well, it is possible to increase fertility naturally if you try. You first need to understand that the ways to increase one’s fertility will basically depend on a lot of factors, some of which include:

• Age

• Whether or not the woman in question has blocked fallopian tubes

• Fibroids – this a common cause of infertility

• Ovarian cysts

• Gender – thought women were the only one’s with fertility issues huh?

• Endometriosis


• High FSH

• Other hormonal imbalances that are known to affect one’s fertility

The are medical alternatives for lots of couples who desire to get pregnant fast, such as using drugs, which are not always effective, but can are also known to have pretty damaging and long-term side effects. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is most definitely not available to a whole lot of couples, no thanks to its high cost and of course, low chance of success, particularly if the woman is above 35 years of age. IVF will also require that one take drugs in order to help stimulate ovulation, which is known to damage the ovaries and also upset one’s hormone balance.

Experts advice that choosing to increase fertility naturally is the best option. Although, doing this will require a lot more effort on your part, but this is a whole lot cheaper and of course free of any side effects and it will also improve one’s overall health and fertility. Increasing fertility naturally is also known to have a much greater chance of success as well.

• First and foremost, you will need to make sure that your diet is totally healthy and balanced. Eat lots of fresh fruits and plenty of vegetables and if possible make sure you choose organic, because this way, you know that it is free of toxins and pesticides. Also try to stay away from non-organic dairy and meat, because you can get all the protein you need from vegetables.

• You also need to take part in regular yet gentle exercises – this comes highly recommended. Exercise will help to balance not only your weight but your hormones as well. Exercises that come highly recommended include; cycling, brisk walking, yoga and swimming. Avoid any exercise that is strenuous such as sprinting, long distance running and high-impact aerobics, according to studies, these exercises can reduce one’s fertility. You need to understand that for some women; a huge difference is made just because they changed their diet and exercised regularly, resulting to their getting pregnant fast.

• There are lots of herbal treatments that can be used to increase fertility naturally. What these herbal treatments do is to regulate menstruation, balance menstruation, prepare the woman’s body for pregnancy and also increase libido. There are herbalists that use herbal blends that are totally organic and these provide fast results in helping lots of women get pregnant. If women also take out time to do a total body cleanse while taking these herbal treatments, it helps to make getting pregnant a whole lot faster.

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