Learn How to Increase Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Will Follow

Learn How to Increase Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Will Follow


When people learn how to increase reading speed they will be able to read through books, emails, articles and magazines quicker. However, is there a correlation between speed and comprehension? Does retention increase as speed increases? This article will attempt to answer these two questions and I will explain some of the benefits of learning this skill.

To answer these questions you have to understand the role of speed in the reading process. Research has showed that there is in fact a close relationship between speed and retention. Furthermore as speed decreases comprehension decreases as well. For many people who read slow a word by word focus and analysis is the main culprit to slow reading. Focusing and trying to understand the meaning of every word you read will decrease comprehension.

speed reading allows individuals to increase the rate at which they read and gradual increases will help you comprehend what you read. Understanding and remembering what you read along with an increase in reading speed will pay huge dividends. Having said all of this, the rate of speed and comprehension will not be the same for everyone as results do vary depending on the method used to increase your speed.

Just reading faster will not translate into increased comprehension. To get the full effect the best method is to learn how to increase reading speed properly by completing a speed reading course. Most individuals who complete a speed reading course will double and often times triple reading speed. The average person reads between 200 – 400 words per minute while the average college student reads between 350 – 500 words per minute. Imagine what you could do if those numbers were doubled or even tripled. To sum up the article comprehension is increased when you learn material as fast as your mind works. This is why increasing your reading speed will increase comprehension.



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