I’m Going on a Ghost Hunt – What Do I Need?

I’m Going on a Ghost Hunt – What Do I Need?


If you are a big fan of ghost hunting shows, such as ‘TAPs Paranormal’ or ‘Most Haunted’, you can see the vast array of technology and equipment that is available to perform large scale paranormal investigations. To some novices, this can be quite daunting, thinking that they need the most up-to-date kit in order to undertake effective investigations, which, of course, is not the case.

Here is my list of essential kit that I would take on a ghost hunt:

  1. Torch – Pretty obvious considering that the majority of paranormal investigations are done in the dark, but you would be surprised how often people forget this main piece of kit.
  2. Camera – These days, small point-and-shoot digital cameras are ideal for using on ghost hunts. These can be used to take photos during the event, to see if anything unseen to the human eye can be picked up on the photos. It is also an item of kit that everybody would have at home as well. Camcorders are also useful pieces of equipment to have, however not everybody has one of these readily to hand – but if you do have one, and has a night vision function, then make the most of it’s use during the ghost hunt.
  3. Extra Batteries – It is amazing how quickly batteries run down during investigations, but it is best to be well equipped for all eventualities
  4. Warm Clothing – This is essential, particularly in the winter time, when temperatures can drop dramatically during the night. A warm jacket and several layers is generally the best idea, but also during the summer it may not hurt to take a jumper or light jacket during the cooler part of the night; being tired during a ghost hunt is one thing, but if you are cold and tired then it can get quite miserable. Having a waterproof jacket would also be handy especially when investigating a graveyard on a rainy night.
  5. Food & Drink – A ghost hunt, if run by a paranormal company, would usually include this as part of the event and have allocated tea breaks throughout the night. However, if you are part of a private group then it is best to go with some light snack items and a thermos of tea or coffee, or a cold drink of some sort. During an event, energy levels become depleted, so come prepared for a midnight snack to give you an energy boost.
  6. Sensible Footwear – Something that again is pretty obvious, but you are standing around for hours and your feet need to be kept comfy and warm, so six inch stilettos are not the ideal thing to trip around a castle in.
  7. Patience – It is without doubt the most important skill that you need – unfortunately ghost hunts can be quite long and potentially boring if nothing really happens, but patience and determination will usually make it easier for you to get through the night.



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