Brain Dead Easy Explanation of SEO

Brain Dead Easy Explanation of SEO


How many times have you over complicated something?

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re new to online marketing seo (search engine optimization) can be a mystery. No one was born knowing everything about technology.

I struggled to really understand seo and most important how rank in the search engines so that I can receive a bunch of traffic to my websites. So after about three months and some long nights I finally figured it out. I have dozens of first page listings that bring in a ton of traffic to my websites, all free of charge. Compliments of Google!

The first step to even getting top rankings is getting indexed in the search engines. You want Google’s robots to come look at your page. This is to see if you site is even worthy of being listed in the SERPS (search engine results pages)

So here’s the easy seo explanation!

Keep these three things in mind.

1. Keywords

2. On page factors

3. Off page factors

Everything online besides reading emails, starts with a keyword. You must choose the right keywords that will get people to your website. On page factors is where you optimize the content or written words on your site so that they are relevant to the keywords you’ve chose.

Off page factors is what you do outside of your website, such as promoting your site on other bigger sites in order to get traffic and backlinks.

Warning – This is only a primer for seo. I don’t recommend anyone to start diving into seo without the proper knowledge or tools, it’s way too competitive.

I suggest learning the right information and arming yourself with the right seo tools so that your efforts will not be wasted.



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