How to Use Psychology Tactics to Seduce Women – No-Nonsense Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know

How to Use Psychology Tactics to Seduce Women – No-Nonsense Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know


Women are complete masters at playing with a man’s head. They do this by flirting a lot and instantly turning cold after getting whatever they want – whether it’s a free cocktail or a ride home.

However, most women do not get played and thus aren’t used to it; therefore, if you throw some of your own mind games their way, they won’t have any idea what hit them. Get ready to discover ways to get inside female minds and revolutionize your approach to dating with these great tips of psychology…

How to Invade Female Minds to Make Women Fall for You through Psychology

Tip Number One: Cold Reading. Go up to a woman and pretend that you are about to tell her her fortune. Then, state some basic and general facts that may be obvious to you as you watched her from afar. Your accuracy is sure to impress her.

Cold reading requires men to truly understand the body language of women, though. You need to stay on track with your words, especially if it is palm readings you plan to focus on. This would be ideal since touching women, even if it is just their palms, will help you connect with them more and build up their attraction for you in an instant.

Tip Number Two: Games. Joking and kidding around with women will make them act stuffy on the outside; however, deep inside, they actually enjoy these playful games because they will feel like you can really understand their childish side.

Remember that the biggest sin in dating and seducing women is to appear boring. If you are able to bring fun and games in a woman’s life, then you will be able to come across as interesting – and for this reason, you will never fail at getting women to like you.

Tip Number Three: Mind Hacking. With top quality tips of hypnosis, you can make women addicted to you on an emotional level. This tip involves making women happy and sad, as if she were in a real live soap opera.

You need to understand that every woman out there feels the need to experience emotional dramas in her boring life. By giving her eventful life events, she won’t be able to resist getting emotionally addicted to you. Once this occurs, you can make any woman do whatever you want.

Take heed, though, since this particular technique has the ability to produce stalkers out of women who are otherwise emotionally healthy. Therefore, if you want to put this tip to use, ensure that you do not ruin women’s emotions and merely focus on them falling for you. Overdoing this tip could result in unwanted haunting situations. You have been warned!



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