A Catering Business Plan Layout

A Catering Business Plan Layout


If you are thinking of starting up a catering business, then you will need to create a catering business plan. A business plan is a crucial piece of writing that every business needs in order to get started. Prior to opening up, you will need to ensure that you have a detailed business plan.

If you are thinking of starting up a business, then you need the catering business plan. Companies, researchers, and even financial institutions will need to see a detailed business plan. If you are ready to start a business plan, then you will to know that it is not something that can be done overnight. Your catering business plan will allow you to run your business effectively, be a successful business and get financing in the event your business is ready to grow.

How to write a catering business plan:

The Executive Summary – This section creates a brief outline to introduce the company to whoever is reading your business plan. This will allow the reader to know just what your business is and where you intend on taking it.

Business Objectives – This section contains the goals of your company for the next three to four years. This will show what you plan to achieve in those years of business and what will be done in order to achieve them.

The Company MissionIn the catering business plan you will need to spell out your company’s values and ideals while it is in business. This is how your company plans to portray itself in the marketplace.

Ownership Structure – In the ownership structure section you will spell out who will own the company, who will manage the company, etc. This section is important when obtaining financial assistance. You will need to spell out to the financial institution who will be handling the company and all of its financial aspects.

Start-Up Specifics – In this portion of the catering business plan you will spell out just what equipment, licensing and other fees will need to be paid in order to start up the company. Any costs that will be associated with starting up your company should be listed in this portion of the report.

Analysis of the Market – One of the most heavily researched portions of your plan will be here. You will need to have details on the market and how your business will represent itself in it. Here you will discuss other companies that are in the market and how your company will be competitive with so much competition.

Marketing Strategy – Every business needs to know how to market them effectively. This portion will include how you plan to advertise and market your company to the public. Forecasts of your sales based on your advertisements should also be listed in this area as well. An effective plan will spell out just how effective the paid for marketing will work for the company overall.

Business Management – Here you should outline specifically how the company will be managed and the entire structure it will use. This should spell out departments (if any), management, supervisory, etc.

Employees – In this portion there would be a detailed plan about how many employees the company will need over the next few years, how much staffing will cost, and how the salaries will be paid on an annual basis.

Financials – This is one of the most important sections of the entire catering business plan. Here there should be details on revenues over the next three to four years laid out in a neat spreadsheet. These estimates will be entirely hypothetical, but should be accurate as possible. You can great best case and worst case scenarios when it comes to your financial projections. This business plan should also spell out a date or time when the company will finally break even from the start-up to when they will begin to even out with profits.



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