Hair Thinning Treatment – Hair Loss Drugs Vs Natural Hair Thinning Remedies

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Hair Thinning Treatment – Hair Loss Drugs Vs Natural Hair Thinning Remedies


There are many men who are looking for the best hair thinning treatment whether it be taking drugs, going through surgery, or finding natural techniques to maintain healthy hair and stimulate growth. Seeing how we have options about how to restore lost hair, it can be difficult to find a hair thinning treatment that actually works.

Hair Loss Drugs – There are two drugs out there that are approved by the FDA which are capable of regrowing lost hair. Both drugs when first used were not intentionally used as a hair thinning treatment to regrow hair.

Finasteride which was originally used to treat prostate cancer, is one of the two medicines found in Propecia that is known to cure hair loss at the crown and the hairline. It is only effective for as long as you keep taking it and once you stop using the medicine, the results be gone 6 months to a year.

The other drug is called Minoxidil which is found in Rogaine was first used to treat high blood pressure is also known to regrow hair. Like Finasteride, if you stop using the drug, within months you will see hair loss again.

Both drugs are also known to have unpleasant side effects such as itchy scalp, dandruff, sexual dysfunction, etc. These side effects are something to take into consideration before you decide on taking one of these drugs.

Natural Remedies – Seeing how natural remedies have no harmful side effects and are also less expensive, many people are turning to a hair thinning treatment using natural techniques. There are ingredients that can be found around the house that can be used to thoroughly clean the scalp of dirt, bacteria, and oils that can be blocking the follicles from growing hair. A natural hair tonic can be made to stimulate growth along with maintaining healthy hair.

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